Zombie Dogs? Are we in trouble?

Last night I had a dream about the zombie apocalypse. I seem to have these themed dreams at least once a year. I remember last year’s dream I was trapped in an alley and I thought to myself “well, the zombies are going to take over the world anyway so meh, I’ll die now.” I woke up not knowing my fate so that was that.

Last night’s dream involved me being at my parents’ house back in New Orleans. I remember zombies were everywhere and we were all cooped up in the house, with doors that didn’t close and lock properly and so on. At one point I had to take my two dogs out to pee in our backyard not knowing if it was safe or not. While waiting for them to go and doing the “hurry, hurry, hurry” chant accompanied by my own pee pee dance, I ponder if 1. would the zombies be interesting in eating my children and 2. could they become zombies themselves? 

The dream later veered off to my talking to my friend Ann on the phone, comparing tv news reports and me freaking out that a big ass rat got into my brother’s room next door. I wished my door closed completely so it wouldn’t get into my room and I was freaking out over that and getting the jibbies. Apparently I dream in crazy.

So after I woke up and took relief (in my pants) that I was in my Chicago apartment, zombies weren’t outside and my kids were safely with me, I still wanted, no, needed to know that if or when zombies took over, will my dogs be safe?

There are so many movies I can refer that don’t give a sure sign of if dogs are safe, capable of infection or tasty zombie food. In Dawn of the Dead remake, the dog Chip was safe enough to trot over to Andy’s gun shop to bring him food. Too bad for Andy, Chip brought along more than just food. Stupid dog.

In Return of the Living Dead, an autopsied dog came to live with the other corpses in the morgue once that reamination zombie chemical got on it. The  zombie pup was smashed before we could really know if he was capable of passing the disease.

I haven’t seen  C.H.U.D. II Chud the Bud since back in the USA Up! All Night days but if I remember clearly, I think, maybe, anyone? The final scene shows an infected zombie dog. Could this dog infect a person or just other dogs? Yet there hasn’t been a C.H.U.D. III Dog Bites Back sequel to clarify this. And I mean YET.

In Resident Evil there were kind of zombie dogs but I think they were the kind of dogs that ripped your face off not because they craved human flesh but just because they were super mean and angry dogs in general. There would be no end result of you to find out if the infection could be spread and such. They also never fucked so we don’t know if they can make more zombie doggies.

In Night of the Creeps, not quite a zombie movie but in it a cat and dog were both infected with the alien slugs and they both passed on the slugs to humans. This shows an example that animals can be carriers to a foreign substance. So perhaps they can pass along the zombie disease? 

And just to throw the example out there, in Stephen King’s Cell, a dog was bitten and his head was ripped off by a crazy infected person. I think there’s a fine borderline between crazy infections and full-on undead, flesh eaters but still it’s a dude eating a dog. 

If dogs could spread rabies and other diseases, why can’t they spread a fictional zombie disease? Shit could happen. 

In my search for answers I found this article on “reanimated dogs” This brings up a new thought that throwing science into the mix, we don’t know what kind of crazy shit, shark dog Godzilla thingy we may have to face one day. But the thought of bringing dogs back to life by replacing their blood does open the door to the possibilities of zombie dogs…or vampire dogs.

Basically, science and movies aren’t helping me solve this problem and my dreams aren’t helping me either. 

So folks, what do you think? Could there be zombie dogs once the outbreak hits? Are our dogs in danger or can I just let them go outside to do their business without rushing them or being a mom and worrying? In the mean time, I still fear the possibility and not let those cute faces and wagging tails convince me otherwise. 


Jezebelle and Zombie (and yes, note the irony of the topic, that’s his real name) 

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