Human Centipede (Full Sequence) Teaser Trailer

Earlier this year, there was one film that I was dying yet fearing to see and that was Human Centipede.

Yes the thought of being medically stitched to permanently perform ass-to-mouth on someone is stomaching turning, but the madness of it all intrigued me. 

At the end of the first sequence, we are left hanging which does lead for a good spot for the final film to pick up on. The final sequence is currently in production but word is…. there’s going to be 12 effin’ people involved in the centipede. What what? My mind can’t process this at the moment but till then, check out the teaser trailer.

The Human Centipede: Why You Never Go Ass to Mouth

For months now I’ve heard vaguely of the little movie known as Human Centipede. When I saw it listed at my local theater over this weekend, I said “Eff watching this OnDemand, this movie is meant to be seen with an audience…yo.” 

I think it’s in our nature to be fascinated with strange things. Through the comfort of our every day, mundane lives our minds are free to venture off to the unknown. Some people even bring those things into their every day lives. Hey, if you like to be peed on…ok cool… You like S&M, BBQ, BRB, BYOB, whatever crazy shit people are into, there’s a level that I can kind of understand all of that. But unfortunately, I cannot wrap my mind around why someone would want to make a real human centipede nor even come up with the idea for a movie. Blehhh.   

Writer/Director Tom Six is the madman behind this tale of two American girls traveling Europe in a rental car. While in Germany, the girls have some car troubles in the back woods of nowhere and seek help in the remote home of Dr. Dieter LaserThe girls don’t care that the doctor seems a little off and he can’t quite hide his “jizz in the pants” facial expressions, all they want is to have their car fixed so then can journey on with their partying ways. Dr. Laser has other plans than helping the girls leave his home, and that is of course… dun dun dun…. the two-thirds part of his human centipede!!! 

As someone with a some what morbid fascination (only with regarding movies, please don’t poop on me) I really thought this was going to be more grotesque and gory. Thankfully it was enough and not more than my little mind could handle. The two points in which I was waiting for was first, the initial togetherness of the centipede and then the eventual exchange of bodily fluids via ass to mouth. It’s hard to not go into this movie and not have the ass to mouth thing lingering in your mind. I mean, if that’s you thing, fine but to have to scarf down someone’s poop in order to keep living, fuckin’ ew! 

This movie still holds up beyond the shock value and audience appeal. Throughout the entire movie, one thing stands, the doctor is fucked in the head. He’s passionate about his vision. It’s that passion and persistent that gives him the strength to pull this off. The victims don’t stand a true chance against him because their urge to fight and live does not match his urge to succeed. Even during the doctor’s down falls, he still maintains driven and absorbed with his masterpiece which makes the movie more creepy and disturbing than the ass to mouth. 

If you have a chance to check this out in a theater with an audience, I’d recommend it but if OnDemand is your only option, still check it out. 

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