The Fourth Kind

Last night, I was in the mood for a bad/mediocre type of movie. After scanning my On Demand options, I decided to check out The Fourth Kind.

I had heard that it wasn’t that good but I had to see for myself. I knew this movie came out of the shadows of the Paranormal Activity hype so I wanted to give it a chance to see if people where just comparing it to P.A. and being let down or if maybe it was not that great at all.

Well, it wasn’t that great. At first I couldn’t be sold on the premise that any of what I was going to witness was true. I think after Blair Witch, we all learned our lesson.

Alaskan town folk start to experience sleeping problems that maybe related to alien abduction. People having been disappearing for years in this town but psychologist Abby Tyler discovers the truth and a possible cover-up.

It almost had a Mothman Prophecies/small town where something freaky happens feel to it only it didn’t build up to the main event the audience was waiting for.

The movie started off solid. Some of the footage was eerie and it hooked me. But from then on it took a stale, boring pace. I kept thinking “When are they getting to the fireworks factory?!”

When things reached the pivotal point in the end, nothing made sense. I felt like the movie took a messy pile of non-sensical flashy bits, threw in some over the top drama and tried to sell it as a huge freaky occurrences.

The “THIS IS REAL” angle was pushed so much down my throat, it put a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not alien connoisseur, but I’ve watched my fair share of Unsolved Mysteries when I was a youngster. It didn’t make sense to me why aliens would single out one broad and her family, then makes a bunch of threats to her. I always thought of aliens as the kind that are all like “yo, we are going to borrow you right quick, shove some stuff up your butt, then drop you off somewhere and erase a little bit of your remember. Maybe you’ll remember this, maybe you won’t till years later. But meh, you’ll likely never seen again. Peace!”

I tried to go into this movie with an open mind but to be honest, when it comes to alien abduction movies, a part of me will always seek out a Fire in the Sky counterpart. No other alien movie has been so effective as to strike fear in me. I believed the guys’ stories and the scene when the main character has his alien interaction was terrifying. *shudder*

I wasn’t expecting The Fourth Kind to be as good as Fire in the Sky, but I was at least hoping it would instill that alien abduction fear into my 13 year-old self that sat in the watched Fire in the Sky for the first time.

No such luck. Wa-Wa

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