Operation Movie Watch: The End of Impulse Buying

Well I did it. I finished every unwatched movie that I own. It was a long, painful journey and I scarified a lot and have a full Tivo to clean out now that this adventure is over and I learned a lot.

I had a lot of moments when watching these where I thought to myself, “What the hell am I watching?” I had more of those moments than I would like to admit. I then had to process the thought on why I bought some of these movies. The movies I’ve bought at conventions were either bought to be signed by someone or impulse buys.

It’s the impulse buys that were my downfall that roots back to my childhood. When renting movies was a happening thing, I used to cruise down the horror section and look at all the creepy, bloody, eye-catching boxes and just felt out what I wanted to watch. I didn’t have to look at the back to read what the movie was about, it was all about the covers that sold me. It was that habit as a kid that shaped me to be the horror loving geek that I’m so proud to be.

Times are different now and covers don’t sell me anymore, plots don’t always do the trick either. It’s hard these days to find decent movies to watch. I base a lot on what I watch on word-of-mouth via social networking or personal recommendations.

Watching as many movies that I can get my hands on not only gives me an outside range of what I typically watch but I gain the urge to explore more. It’s in my explorations where I’ve gotten lost somewhere. I’ve bought movies on Netflix (back when they sold movies for 5-10 bucks) just because they were horror and on sale. Big mistake. I bought movies at conventions because I had money to spend and a dvd collection to build. Some mistakes, some not.

Like a shopaholic that has a break down when getting the credit card bill, forcing myself to confront my problem by watching a lot of crap has now curb my addiction. I don’t want to watch shit like BTK Killer just because it was on sale. That’s an hour and a half of my life I won’t be getting back ever again.

There were some movies out of the pile that I thought were awesome (The Death Note series for example) Those purchases were well worth it I just wished I had more of those and less of the others.

Because the economy sucks hard, it’s important that I start wasting money on better dvds. This experiment has taught me a valuable lesson. Though I’d rather own than rent, I should take more advantage of having a Netflix subscription and be careful of my purchases. I now know that when I walk up the aisle of a convention or even the horror sections at stores, I should at least invest the extra minutes to read the back and feel if this is something I going to want to spend money on and if I’m going to watch it right away.

I vow to never have another “unwatched” pile ever again!

My next convention is at the end of October so I’m hoping that my painful experience has stuck enough that I stick to my plan. Here’s hoping.

Operation Movie Watch: Update

Back in July I decided to start Operation Movie Watch. The plan was seemingly simple. I would finally pile up all the movies and tv shows I’ve owned for years and never watched and well, watch them. And as part of the plan, I vowed to not buy any new (anything I haven’t seen) dvds. I did have to balance this plan with my Netflix subscription (I’m not going to rent things I’ve seen already nor would I give up my subscription during this operation) and watching movies on cable, but it’s now September, tomorrow is Labor day and the fall season of the shows I watch are right around the corner. My days will soon return back to the routine of me coming home from work, dying on the couch and watching my shows then going to sleep.

So this weekend, not having to work tomorrow, I’m battling Operation Movie Watch and tackling everything I can and still managing to eat, sleep and do the occasional bathroom runs in between. My new goal is to complete this by September 15th.

On September 15th, I would like to buy Grace. A movie I haven’t seen before. Dun dun dunnnn. I could just cheat myself, buy it, watch and still leave a pile of unwatched movies to sit there, calling to me but why not just get this over with.

I will admit this process is a bit painful. For one, I am currently watching the Toxie’s Top Ten box set and well, Troma movies should never be watched alone. Saying “what the hell am I watching?” to myself seems a lot more sad than turning to someone and saying “Dude, what the hell are we watching?” and having a laugh. Also, to my near and dear friends that wanted to watch some these with me, damn it, scheduling time to hang out without other things going on or other complications just plain sucks. I hope ya’ll find it in your heart to forgive me for going on this journey alone. You may end up thanking me and of course you can borrow any of these movies whenever you want.

Here is the list again and in bold is what I’ve watched already.

  1. Sukiyaki Western Django
  2. Are You Scared?
  3. BTK Killer
  4. ID
  5. Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
  6. Death Note
  7. Death Note: The Last Name
  8. Dead Pit
  9. Demented Death Farm Massacre (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  10. Video Demons Do Psycho Town (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  11. Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  12. Space Zombie Bingo (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  13. The Newlydeads (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set) (currently on)
  14. Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshells (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  15. Deadly Daphne’s Revenge (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  16. Croaked: Frog Monsters from Hell (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  17. Curse of the Cannibal Confederacy (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  18. Lemora- A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural
  19. Rampage
  20. Hellbent
  21. Horrors of Malformed Men
  22. Pretty Maids all in a Row
  23. Grindhouse Double Feature: The Teacher and Pick Up
  24. The Complete Toxic Avenger Box Set 7 Dics (I know I’ve seen the first one a million times, but the rest I have no memory of so I’m going to watch them all)
  25. Eyes of a Stranger (Twisted Terror Collection)
  26. From Beyond the Grave (Twisted Terror Collection)
  27. The Hand (Twisted Terror Collection)
  28. Someone’s Watching Me (Twisted Terror Collection)
  29. Dead Man’s Hand
  30. Darkness Surrounds Roberta
  31. The Dead Next Door
  32. Don’t Answer the Phone
  33. Day of the Dead 2: The Contagium
  34. When Puppets and Dolls Attack! (giveaway prize)
  35. When Monsters Attack! (giveaway prize)
  36. Antibodies
  37. Don’t Look Now
  38. Lighthouse
  39. Stacy
  40. Street Trash
  41. Tourist Trap
  42. Flower and Snake
  43. Prayer Beads
  44. Dead Set (tv show)
  45. Firefly (tv show) I’ve seen a few eps but not the complete series
  46. Exposed
  47. Dangerous Worry Dolls
  48. Murder Set Pieces
  49. Subject Two (I forgot to add this to the original list)

Today and tomorrow I’m trying to get rid of the box sets. I’m hoping to do my best to finish the Toxie box set tonight and tomorrow kicking off the Toxie Avenger box set. Then all I will have left are single movies to deal with and balance out with my work and sleeping schedule. Folks, this shall be done by September 15th!

To be continued….

Operation Movie Watch: Someone’s Watching Me!

Why I own this: I bought the Twisted Terror Collection but it had Dr. Giggles and Deadly Friend in the pack and I love those movies so it was a must-buy. I didn’t know this was a Carpenter movie till I started watching it so that was a bonus.

Premise: “A woman is slowly stalked to the brink of madness by a man watching her from the opposite tower block. Her attempts to get the police to take her seriously leaves her with no option but to track him down herself.”

Thoughts: It was cool movie. I wanted more of an ending but meh, it still worked. I’m glad to live in age where one can screen phone calls, block numbers and have the option to turn your ringer off.

Operation Movie Watch: Dead Man’s Hand

Why I own this: I bought this at a convention that Charles Band was at and this was their latest movie. This was a cheap, impulse purchase just to have him sign something.

Thoughts: What can I say, it’s a typical Full Moon movie, silly plot, cheesy but vibrant special effects and tons of tokin’ fake blood. Good times. I always found Charles Band/Full Moon films to be a lot of fun so I can’t say this movie is bad. I mean yeah, it’s not a stellar Oscar-worthy piece of art but I knew what I was getting myself and I enjoyed it. So there.