Poll: Do Trailers PersuadeYou To See A Movie?

I’ve recently heard a friend mention that he refuses to see Cabin in the Woods because of the trailer.

I don’t really blame him so much because the trailers do look kind of stupid but I’m glad I didn’t use that as a basis to see the movie. The end result of that decision, I ended up loving the movie.

If it’s at all possible I try to avoid seeing the trailers to movies. For one, a lot of them don’t care about spoilers. Example, the last scene of the movie is shown in the Piranha 3-D trailer and for The Last House on the Left. There is also a semi-spoiler in The Cabin in the Woods trailers that really annoyed me.

So I wonder folks, do trailers influence you to see a movie or do you discount them and see the movie anyway?

Poll: Favorite Movie of 2011

Well folks, the end of the year is near and as I work on my ” Favorite Movies of 2011″ list, I would like to know what movies ya’ll dug this year.

I created a poll of movies that came out in 2011 to see what people thought were the best of the year. 

The list is long so take a good luck and vote away on all of your favorites! 

If I missed anything, feel free to add it to the comment section. 

Happy voting. 

Poll: Pick My Halloween Costume

Ok folks, it’s finally time to pick my Halloween costume!

Two weeks ago I asked for suggestions and I listened to your answers. For real!
I’m leaving the fate of my Halloween costume in your hands and the suggestion with the highest number of votes will be what I’m wearing.
Now let’s go over my options:

Daria Morgendoffer– As I mentioned in the Halloween costume post, I always wanted to dress up like Daria but I never did. So maybe this  will be my year.

Dexter’s victim- Costume would be an outfit-like made of saran wrap and a red line down the side of my face. (I’d wear a bit more than that guy) 

American McGee Alice– I’ve always had a love for Alice in Wonderland. I could relate Alice’s whimsical wonder and careless approach to everything the world has to offer. I just can’t relate to having blonde hair.
The American McGee version of Alice is a brunette (win!) with a shady past and a gritty façade about her. (win win!)
I can totally own that look!

Annie Wilkes– All I would need are some Mormony clothes and a faux slaughter hammer. Muahahahaha.

A tree that attacks planes– If you’ve seen the movie Altitude (I don’t blame you if you haven’t) the dvd cover eludes that’s there’s a creature in the sky attacking a plane. My friend and I were convinced that the “thing” was just a big tree…and well, after seeing the movie, a tree made better sense. But anyway, I could be the tree that should have been.
Random suggestions– nurse, cat, pirate, Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) Robotic werewolf, Jason Voorhees, A possessed Tv, Gabriela (Curdled), a nerd.
Who cares? Just look whorey– Ok, I do understand that ya’ll may not really care what I wear as a costume, just as long as I fulfill my duty as a female to look like a straight up whore.
Ok everyone, take a look at the poll (hehe) at the side and pick my costume!
Last day to vote will be Oct 16th

New Poll: Favorite Summer-ish Horror Movie/Series

Summer time is approaching and all I can think about is what movies should I watch to get me in the mood for summer. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the polls so I thought I’d ask what’s your favorite summer-ish movie? 

For me it’s a tie between the Sleepaway Camp series and of course Friday the 13th series. Sleepaway camp is such a summer lovin’ classic but where would Jason be if he didn’t go to a summer camp? (The answer is, “alive”) 

The Burning is also spiffy and Jaws, well Jaws is beyond amazing but I gear it more to a Fourth of July kinda film than an overall summer movie. But hey, to each their own. 

So folks, vote for you fave, and post anything I might have forgotten.

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Poll: Favorite Nightmare Movie

Ok folks, it’s been a while since I’ve update the poll and for this next week I’ll be focusing on one topic… Nightmare on Elm St! 

Last year I watched all the Friday the 13th movies to hype myself up for the remake and starting today I will be going through the whole Nightmare series in time for the remake.

So here’s the question I put upon you in poll form. What’s your favorite Nightmare movie? It’s a hard choice for me, the first one opened the dream gates to the character we know and love, Motherfuckin’ Dream Warriors is effin’ great and New Nightmare brought Freddy back to the dark uncomical side.  Toughie. 

Well vote and stay tuned for my reviews and such. 

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New Poll: Favorite Larry Cohen Movie

Howdy folks,

I’ve been very busy over the last two weeks but I wanted to take a moment to do a new poll.

In April, I will be getting the great and amazing pleasure of meeting Larry Cohen at the annual Music Box Sci-fi Horror Spectacular.

I will be seeing Q: The Winged Serpent for the first time so it will be an exciting event.

I thought I’d make this month’s poll on everyone’s favorite Cohen movie.

Personally, I am a huge fan of The Stuff and It’s Alive follows after that but I am curious to see what everyone else is into. So vote!

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New Poll: Favorite Chick Flicks/Women in Horror Month

January’s poll of Cyborgs vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies ended today with the winner… Zombies!

43 percent of you voted Zombies along with myself. Assuming that the majority of the voters are horror lovers, I guess maybe we are all bias for our love for zombies, but hey, I put down some of my in depth thoughts on why I thought they would win. And they totally would win.

I have to give thanks to the one person who voted “humans” I threw that option in there just in case someone believe that us normal folk, without the skills of basic kung-fu, could perhaps take back the world once the cyborgs, zombies and ninja make their attempts to take over. Thank you for believing in us when no one else did.

Now on to Feburary’s poll.

Feburary is Women in Horror Month. In celebration of this fanastic month. I’m going to rummage through my dvds and watch awesome chick flicks.

Also if you really want to get into the spirit of things check out these other awesome blogs honoring this month:

Day of the Woman– BJ is spending the month exposing the world of horror movies to her sorority sisters. Will they end up screaming and covering their eyes or maybe they’ll scream for more. Check in to find out.

Dollar Bin Horror Rhonny Reaper will be posting a Viral Scream Queen of the Day, showcasing female horror bloggers. After being apart of the Ms. Blogosphere competition, I’m happy to be apart of something else that highlights the great atributes of being a female writer in the horror world of the web. We rule.

Fascination With Fear will be focusing on female villains. And personally, I believe we make better villains than guys!

The Horror Digest is taking a different spin on this month’s holiday. She’s focusing on Black History Month but with a horror spin. I think this a great idea and there is so much to explore with black history and the break throughs in film.

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New Poll: Cyborgs vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies

I came across a debate on cyborgs vs. ninjas vs. zombies and people were more pro-ninjas than any of the others.

Watching far too many zombie movies, I know better. My view is based on world domination so of course I have to vote for zombies. Yes, ninjas are super cool and we all wish we could be one some day but let’s breakdown the verses factor.

Zombies would win because they are viral. Just one bite or scratch and wa-la, another zombie is created into the world. Going on the “zombies are slow” side, they may be slow but in numbers they can still get you.

Cyborgs, if built right, are hard to defeat. But like all things mechanical, you can’t always rely on them for long. They break down or sometimes cyborgs develop “feelings” pfft. Also, you’d need tech savvy people to make them and a lot of time to program, test run, virus scan and so on. By the time it would take for that to happen, zombies would have taken over all the developers.

Ninjas are bad-ass and I’m sure in a cornered situation, they’d take out zombies without being touched and I’m sure they can drop kick the shit out cyborgs but time matters again here. Ninjas have to be trained to gain their “awesome” stats. Training takes years!!!

So based on the minutes if bit or hours if scratched it takes for a person to become a zombie and considering that currently there are more humans in the world than cyborgs and ninjas, we will rule the world as zombies.

Agree? Disagree? On the fence? Bring it! (and vote too)

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