Ms. Horror Blogosphere: The End of a Journey

Well my dear friends, tomorrow is the end of the Ms. Horror Blogosphere “competition.” I quote the word competition because the last two weeks wasn’t about trying to win or beat out other girls, it was about getting my name out there. It ends up not only did I do that but I got a chance to get to know these girls and they’ve inspired me and given me comfort in knowing that it’s ok to be a horror lovin’ girl.

The original idea of having 5 finalist competing after the first round of voting was dropped due to scheduling and such so tomorrow one girl will win. (And looking at the stats now, the lead is a freakin’ great chick!)

It’s strange that next month will be my one year anniversary and though I still feel like I’m not at my full potential, I’ve come such a long way and I’m proud.

So, thank you to everyone who voted for me, supported me and spread the word for me. You guys are the best!

And thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out the blog and to everyone who is nice enough to keep coming back!

I also must encourage people to check out the other ladies’ blogs. They are awesome!

Thanks again everyone!

Vote For Me… Please

Ok folks, it’s voting time!

For those that don’t know, I am in a competition to be Vault of Horror’s Ms. Horror Blogosphere.”

The winner gets bragging rights, a choice out of two awesome books and the chance to help pick Mr. Horror Blogosphere.

I still feel like my blog is new and not at the point where I would like it to be. And I still think the word “blog” is another saying for dumping in your pants but but I’m happy on how far I’ve come and all the awesome friends I’ve made.

I’m not very good at competiting at anything but I’m getting exposure and that to me is all the win I need!

But getting some votes would be awesome, so hey, vote for me!

Voting will end Dec 5th. Before then the top 5 girls will be chosen as finalist and the voting starts all over again so if I get to be one of the finalist, that would rule.

Here’s the link again, the poll is on the side. Here!

I’ll be whoring myself out on here, Twitter, Myspace and some message boards. So dear friends, if you’re up to it, repost on your social networks, tell friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Any which way you chose would be great.

And thank you to everyone who have already spread the word. Ya’ll are the best!

I’m nervously excited about so I’m hoping to at least make it to the finals!

Ms. Horror Blogosphere!

Last week I got an email from the awesome Brian at Vault of Horror asking me if I wanted to participate in a competition for the title of Ms. Horror Blogosphere.

I basically answer some questions then beg my dear friends (all of you) to vote for me.

If I win, I get to maybe choose Mr. Horror Blogosphere, get a nifty icon for my site and I get bragging rights.

The only problem is, I’m very awkward when it comes to talking about myself. You can see in my answers for the Q&A, I do my famous rambling and sound effect antics. The dork in me takes over and I end up feeling like such a tool-bag putting myself out there.

But on the plus side, my blog gets exposure (yay) and though I’m certain I’m not going to win since a lot of my fellow lady competitors are pretty awesome, I know I’ll at least get some votes. Right….. RIGHT??

Haha, but though I’m not comfortable with whoring myself out and will be soon doing the whole “VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!” blog post, tweets and Myspace bulletins ( and asking my friends who use Facebook to do the same.) It was fun to do and I was very honored to be asked to joined in so I’m happy.

So stay tuned for updates on when voting starts.

Oh and here’s the page- Nicki Entry #1