Mmm mmm… Mr. Horror Blogosphere

Do you know what’s hotter than a guy that loves horror so much that he blogs about it? Nope, I can’t think of anything either.

Ladies (and some of you guy folk who’s into that sort of thing) it’s now our time to check out the the male side of the horror blogging world. Thanks to Chuck at Zombies DON’T Run for taking on the project.

During the Ms. Horror Blogosphere campaigning, the friendly competition got some flak so I praise Chuck for saying “fuck it, let’s do this!” and I hope this competition doesn’t have the same problems. I’m just happy to see a lot of my favorite male bloggers listed and I promise to judge them fairly on their blogging and nothing else. No pics of cleavage or mini skirts or bikinis will sway my vote!

Check the site out, check out the great blogs listed and vote for your favorite one!

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