Jason Goes To Hell…before going to space!

When so many sequels are made, there is a point where some sort of back story or other explanation for why they can’t die or what not needs to be addressed. At this point in the series we get, Jason Goes to Hell

There’s no sugar coating it, it’s crap. I can’t buy into some bullshit that Jason can jump into other bodies but he needs to go into a “Voorhees” woman’s body to be reborn again and on top of that, you need a special knife to kill him?!? So here we have his remaining chick family members trying to stop him and send him to…hell! 

Ignoring all logic and everything else about the past Friday movies, I can’t say that I can spit on this movie. At the age of 12, this was the first Jason film I saw in theaters. So in that it’s special to me. Also, I was a big fan of Friday the 13th the Tv Series and the leading male in the film was on that show so I really like how it was a bit homage-y even though the show has nothing to do with Jason. Also this opened the door to suggest that in the future we would get a Freddy vs Jason film.