Hausu (House) 1977

Have you ever watched a movie and thought “Dude, what the fuck am I watching?” Sure, we all have, but have you sat through an entire movie and thought that every 2.5 seconds? Well, I did.

Over the weekend, I went to see House (Hausu). A friend suggested we’d see it and after watching the trailer, I was both frightened and intrigued.

Gorgeous is ready to spend her summer vacation with her dad, until she finds out that he wants to bring along her new step-mother-to-be. Gorgeous says “effin that ess” and decides to run off to visit her distant aunt in the countryside. She brings her eccentric classmates to join her for a peaceful time.

Gorgeous does not know anything of her aunt only that she was her deceased mother’s sister and that her aunt lost the love of her life many years ago in the war.

The aunt welcomes the girls and gives them a friendly yet creepy vibe. Gorgeous only see a connection to her mother and misses out the key signs that there is something off with her aunt. Even after the girls start disappearing one by one, Gorgeous doesn’t catch on until…. dun dun dunnnnn it’s too late.

I don’t know any other way to describe this interesting, art-house film other than it’s a Technicolor acid trip haze while being drunk and stoned and dizzy, all at once. Times two!

I truly believed that if all the characters were Italian, I would easily confuse this with an Argento film. Well, if Aregento did decide to do something more screwbally and involving a singing/humming cat, kick ass kungfu and under developed girls.

I would file this movie under “Full Of Wow!” While I was thinking “Ummm…” and “Wow…really?” My friend sitting next me, constantly stated “Wow…..” during the entire film. That’s how incredible this is.

I was able to see this at the amazing Gene Siskel Film Center so I don’t know how available this film is across the world, (There is a slightly overpriced UK copy on Amazon) but if you get a chance to see it in a theater, with an audience, Do it!