H2 vs FD2: Battle of the Box Office Finale

So surprise, surprise, the winner of this weekend’s box office is The Final Destination at #1 and H2 at #3.
I did get a chance to see H2 yesterday morning and well, I didn’t hate it but as expected it wasn’t great or anything special. I feel as though this movie really had no point in being made, but then again, I could say the same thing about The Final Destination.
I truly believe you can make any 3-D movie about people getting killed and hell yeah it’s going to be the #1 movie that weekend but it doesn’t quite mean it’s deserving. (Inglourious Basterds at #2 should have remained at 1 since it was so damn great!) But anyway, now on to H2.
I feel as though a lot of what was going on especially with scene with little Michael completely contradicted a lot of the little Michael in Zombie’s first Halloween. It didn’t fit for me. It was heartbreaking that the Loomis we all knew and loved in the original films has now been portrayed as a money-hunger asshole. And finally, the ghost mom stuff, it was really, really terrible. I understand forms of symbolize but there are so many subtle was to do it without coming off ridiculous and absurd.
I think Michael’s character was trying to be explained a bit more but it was just all garbage thrown together and lacking a sense of balance. All we really know is, Michael wants to kill his sister, we don’t really quite know why based on the original films but Zombie’s somewhat explanation didn’t really help. I’d rather never know then to accept what was given to me in that movie.
I can’t say to not see this for the reason for anyone that wants a mindless fun slasher flick, cool go see this, watch people get killed, rock on. I killed a morning seeing this and I don’t regret it but I didn’t get anything out it.
I’m hoping that Rob Zombie’s takes the hint and doesn’t continue on with anymore Halloween movies. There is news on the possibility of a Halloween 3….D. Yeah. I won’t explore that any further till I hear more. Also, word on the street is, he’s up to doing the next The Blob remake. *Sigh* I haven’t seen all of the original, I love the 80’s verison, I really don’t want to see a hick, red-neck, bum-fuck, hillbilly verison but fuck, well shall see where he goes with that.

FD4 vs. H2: Battle of the Box Office

August 28th will be an interesting day for horror fans and movie goers. Both Final Destination 4 and Halloween 2 will be released in theaters.

I will be seeing both, probably that same weekend but honestly, I’d see FD over H2. For one, I love the entire FD series and two, I really thought RZ’s Halloween was a butt load of crap. When I saw it in theaters some of the dialogue was so bad, I had to look away from the screen. I could still hear every word that was said, yet I felt that looking away would lessen my pain. I bought the movie to give it another chance and while watching it uncut I did find it a bit more tolerable but still overall, I just didn’t like it.

A few months ago the trailer for H2 was released and wow, I’m still trying to get over that one. I really do try to give any horror movie a fighting chance but damn, it just looks so bad. I needed a crash helmet for the “mother” scenes. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to take it seriously.

As I mentioned before when the trailer was released for FD4, the series has always entertained me. I look forward to the unique death scenes and the obscene amount of blood and gore that follows. Also, this movie gets bonus points for being in 3-D.

So who will top the box office that weekend? As much as I did not like Halloween, a lot people did so it could do well. I know people love seeing “scary” movies and in my opinion I don’t find these movies to be “scary” but I can see how Halloween would perceived as “scary” compared to FD4 being “entertaining” and the 3-D adding on to that experience. So will people want to be scared or will they want to be entertained? Are people over the whole 3-D thing or does it have staying power?

I can’t wait to see the outcome that weekend.

H2 Weigh-In

In recent news there has been a lot of talk about Rob Zombie’s follow up to 2007’s Halloween remake. From what I gather it picks up from where the first film left off but then it’s goes on later in time with Laurie’s new life and so on. And the word is, Malcolm McDowell will be back. How’s that gonna work, who knows?

I had a love/hate relationship with Rob Zombie. I loved him because I loved his music. Seeing White Zombie when I was 15, they were my very first concert and it was amazing. Then came House of 1000 Corpses. Dear god that movie was what crap wanted to be when it grew up. I don’t care who liked and whatever you reasons are, I personally did not like it. I even took it up the ass and watched it again and still couldn’t get into it. It almost, ALMOST turned me off to seeing Devil’s Rejects. I met this girl at a convention and she swore to me that I would like it even if I hated House. When horror lovers, especially ones at a convention, suggest something to me, I have to consider it. So I went out and saw it and you know what, I thought it was pretty damn great. I left the theater feeling like Zombie had such a great concept of character development, especially compared to House, which I thought was a hilly billy home movie. 

When it was announced that Zombie was doing the remake of Halloween, I was hopefully. I had faith that he could make the story strong and bring out a sensible story with Michael Myers. One thing is, I hoped and prayed that Zombie could break out of the “white trash” mode and not do that to Michael Myers. When I think of little Michael Myers, I always think of the scene in the beginning of the original Halloween after Michael kills his sister, walks outside and his parents, normal lookin’ folks, pulls off the mask. That’s something that always captivated me about Michael’s history. I wonder what was the thing that triggered him that night and based on that little scene, it seemed like he was from a good home. His house was nice, he’s parents weren’t trashy lookin’ and his sister didn’t seem like a cock smokin’ dirty whore. 

I thought that since Zombie was a huge fan of the original, he could use that scene as a jumping point and do so many things with it. But no, he went the white trash life: mom’s a stripper, sister’s a whore and the colorful drunken molesty step-dad. I felt that Zombie copped out on taking Michael’s story and really running with it and yet, he took the safe and comfortable route and went to the hilly billy roots. 

That’s something that really killed me about the whole movie. The back story was something that was very important to me as a fan of the original. I wanted more but I didn’t want it to stray from the original. 

Anyway, I saw the movie and for that reason and many others, I didn’t like it at all. I felt like, with not only Michael’s back story, Zombie wrote this the way he wanted teenage girls to talk. Laurie Strode is the template of shy, frail, slightly nerdy and unsure of herself kind of girl. Watching the new Laurie tell her mom about how some neighbors wants to touch her tits just destroyed Laurie’s image for me. The movie did not work for me. I will admit that after the dvd was released and I watched the uncut version and I did find it more tolerable, bur over all I feel like it was a missed opportunity to be so much more and greater. 
Now I await for this sequel. It’s obvious that I will be seeing the second film. Despite my feeling for the first, as a horror fan in general, I know this is a movie I’m gonna have to see. I see good shit and bad shit all the time so this will be no difference. I can’t say that I’m expecting this to be bad shit or shit shit. I won’t have any expectations with this one since I don’t think it can get any worse.  I’m just going to be looking to kill 2 hours at the movies and if I can find anything to like out of this one, then hey, bonus!