Friday The 13th Remake…His Name Was Jason

I have just returned from seeing the Friday the 13th remake and I’m not quite sure on how I feel about it yet. 

The movie was fun and a lot of parts were funny, enjoyable, and bloody. There was so much that I wanted to love about this movie but it wasn’t an instant connection for me. 

I liked what Marcus Nispel did with TCM, it was a new take on the original and I’ve stated before that I saw it as a separate movie and I had no need to compare it to the original. I thought that F13 would be pretty much the same but I couldn’t help but compare some things to the TCM remake. It’s not completely in your face but weed is involved, a bear trap and a creepy basement. Hmm… 

It was an adjustment for me to see Jason “smart.” I was expecting him to be more hard-core, running after his victims instead of shuffling around but he thought of shit I didn’t even think of, and I’m not a retard living in the woods! You can play into the idea that after all the years of being on his own, he picked up some stealthy survivor skills so with that thought you can take it or leave it. 

Also this is just a “me” thing but I was all jazzed up for that first kill, the ultimate kick-off and well, we don’t really get to see it follow through. I took into account that the body of the first person was later found so I saw that as a way to capture the essences of the original series where a person is running away from Jason and BAM they run into a dead body. 

And “me” again, I could have used more blood and gore. It could have been a way to keep the feel of the original by keeping the kills semi-simple and not to over-the-top but these days I watch movies with buckets of gore and I was hoping for a little bit of that. Look at The Hill Have Eyes remake, it’s loyal to the original but the gore/kills were more fantastic! 

I think that if you love the Jason series you’ll find something to love about the remake and I feel once I see it again I’ll be able to take in a little more and settled my indecisiveness. 

And now on to… His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

After spending this week re-watching all the Friday movies, this documentary is the most perfect wrap-up. I didn’t get my reason on why Jason died as a child and came back as a grown-man but the notion that he is a “supernatural zombie” helped ease my mind about the whole thing. 

The doc has a lot of great and funny cast and crew interviews, behind the scenes clips and 4 hours of bonus material. I have to recommend this to all Friday fans and even if you’re not a hard-core fan, you’ll still enjoy this doc. 

Friday Kills

As I anticipate the moment when my His Name Was Jason dvd comes in the mail ( Damn you Deep Discount);I wanted to look back on the Friday the 13th film series. 

I’m going to manage to watch all Friday films before I get the pleasure of seeing the remake but till then I wanted to watch this clip. Watching all of the kills together just intensifies my hard-on for what kind of awesome, bloody mess the remake has in store for the audience.
It’s old but it’s still entertaining and if you haven’t seen it before, enjoy! And to all that have seen it, enjoy it again. 

*Note* 88, 159 and 160 are my favorite

Friday the 13th Countdown

When it comes to remakes, I know a lot of people groan at the idea, especially when the original is a sacred classic and Hollywood tends to wipe their ass with it. 

I’m on the fence with a lot of remakes. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t really care anymore and I don’t seem to get surprised at the latest addition to the remake list. I watch movies to enjoy them so minimum, that’s all I expect, something fun, something with crazy gore and if I’m really lucky, the plot won’t be bad either.

Remakes can expand on the original, change it for the better (Carpenter’s The Thing,) Americanize it, (damn people who won’t bother with the original and its subtitled glory,) or it can just completely shit all over it. Has anyone seen The Fog remake? Absolute garbage.

It’s now the first of February and in thirteen days, the remake of Friday the 13th will be released. I will admit that I’m looking forward to this. I really liked what Marcus Nispel did with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Of course it didn’t compare to the incredible original, but I thought it was a decent stand-alone film and that’s what I’m expecting from Friday the 13th.

I always viewed Jason as mongoloid with a machete so he never really scared me or came off as an undefeatable threat. Hey if Corey Feldman can jack him up, then we all have a pretty good chance! But based on the trailer, Jason looks so much more intimidating, grim and vicious; I wouldn’t try messing with him.

I have faith that Nispel will pull this off at an enjoyable level. I plan to enter the theater without a snobby view point or the need to overanalyze or compare it to the original. I’m just going to sit back and watch stupid teenagers get slaughtered and maybe….just maybe…. I’ll find out how the hell Jason “drowned” as in “died” as a child yet came back as a grown man!