Friday the 13th Drinking Game

If you’re like me and you want to watch a few Friday films (or all) to celebrate the 13th why not gather some friends and have a Friday the 13th drinking game! 

  • Take a drink whenever you hear the “ch-ch-ch” music 
  • Take one drink when someone hides 
  • Take one drink when Crazy Ralph says something crazy
  • Take one drink when you see blood
  • Take one drink when you see boobs
  • Take three drinks whenever the screen goes white after someone dies
  • Take three drinks when somone talks about getting laid
  • Take a drink when the soon-to-be victims thinks the killer is just someone fooling around
  • Take three drinks each time someone investigates a strange sound and doesn’t die. 
  • Take a drink for each dead body that pops up
  • Take one drink for every useless object thrown at the killer 
  • Chug when a scene goes into slow motion. 
  • Chug when someone explains the back story of the camp or about Jason.