Chicago people! Enter for your chance to win tickets to the Insidious: Chapter 2 Screening!

Chicago people!


How would you like the chance to see a special screening of Insidious: Chapter 2 next Wednesday the 11th  at 7:00 pm?


All you have to do is click on THIS LINK to enter for a chance to win a ticket for two.


The winners will be notified on Sunday and they will be given the location of the theater.



Good luck!

You’re Next Mask and Mini Poster Contest!

Anyone else excited to see You’re Next this weekend?! 

As a part of promoting the film, I’m going to give 5 lucky people their very own mask and mini poster! 

So here what you have to do:

Get a “You’re Next” tattoo and send me the picture along with your social security number. 

Ok I’m kidding. 

First, go to Hey! Look Behind You!’s Facebook page HERE and like it if you haven’t already. 

Next, email me at with your name.

That’s it. 

By the end of the week I’ll randomly pick 5 winners. 

Good luck! 

Release Date: Friday, August 23

Official Site:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Official Instagram Page: 


The Stuff stuff winner!

Ok folks, yesterday with a random pick of names on paper thrown in a plastic baggie, Mr. Nick Shilson became the winner of The Stuff stuff. 

It was a fun first contest and not the last. Since I go to a lot of events that have a lot of cool people signing stuff, I’m going to take advance of those more often for contests. Yep, I’m smart.

So thank you all who entered the contest, spread the word. More cool to come. 

Win The Stuff stuff signed by Larry Cohen!

Well folks, my plan to do my first contest is now in full effect! 

Last night I went to Chicago’s annual Scifi Specular marathon. I got to see awesome movies, hang out with great people and meet Larry Cohen!  

My original plan was to score a The Stuff mini poster, have Mr. Cohen sign it then give it to a fellow reader. Well, I did score a mini poster but as a bonus, I also scored a mock The Stuff container (sorry but it’s empty, but still awesome, yo!) So here’s The Stuff stuff duo awesome pack. 

So, ya’ll ready to enter the contest? Ok, so whoever YouTube themselves doing a crazy, awesome or best Risky Business dance, wins! Eh? Ok, maybe not. I’ll keep this simple. I’m assuming that everyone in the world is on Facebook. It may have taken me a few years to finally sign up but I’m on there. So if you’re on Facebook and not yet a fan of Hey! Look Behind You! Clicky here. and fan along. But I think chances are all of youse are fans already so thanks! So go on the fan page, “like” or comment something on this post (sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to post on FB after it posts on Blogger so if it’s not there yet just wait) and poof, you’re entered in the contest. Way easier than dancing but not as much fun. I have to pick my battles. 

So I’m going to give this till the end of Friday before picking a winner. By Saturday I’ll announce the winner and send the stuff (hehe) off. 

Ok folk, ready, set, go! 

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Poll Closed: Possible First Contest! Woah!

Well folks, the Larry Cohen poll ended, and with 63 percent of the votes, The Stuff was the winner of favorite Larry Cohen movie. 

So the reason why I made that a poll is because I’m meeting Larry Cohen this weekend *girly dance.* I will be attending the yearly Sci-fi Spectacular here in Chicago.  So I’m inspired to attempt my very first contest. Depending on the vendors and if Mr. Cohen is offering up 8×10 or something, I would like to get a The Stuff item, have it signed, then give it away to one of you lucky folks. Eh? Eh? 

At this point I’m winging this idea because I don’t know what will be there and since Mr. Cohen is featuring Q: The Winged Serpent at the event, there maybe those mini posters there. Either way, if not The Stuff, I will get something signed by him and bestow it on a lucky reader. Stand by for further confirmation sometime on Sunday. 

In the meantime, any Chicago folks with nothing to do this weekend, come on down to The Music Box Theatre for 14 hours of Sci-fi  movies, great trailers *cough Distortion trailer cough* and other awesomeness stuff. 

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