Book Recommendations: Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks

When I was a kid, I would get my horror movie fix from roaming the aisles of my local video store. 
Since those days are long gone, I have grown to rely on movie trailers and seeing horror fans suggest films on various message boards and on social media. 
My love for horror has sent me on quest to seek out new films to experience. There are so many unknown gems waiting in the dark to be discovered by new fans. 
Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks, is a book of essays compiled by horror aficionados expressing their admiration for films that have not always had a chance to shine. 
When I hear about a horror film that someone is passionate about, I’m consumed with curiosity and the urge to see the film and learn about what makes it so desirable to certain horror fanatics. 
Hidden Horror has awaken that curiosity in me and has also influenced me to revisit the films on the list that I have seen in the past. 
Hidden Horror is a fantastic reference book to anyone who is looking for a tribute to the unexposed and unappreciated films in the horror genre. 
You can purchase a copy of  Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks HERE 
And you can follow upcoming signings and other information about the book on the Facebook page HERE
To anyone who has read this or is planning on picking it up, please let me know what you think and what films you feel are underrated and overlooked. 


Book Recommendations: The Geek’s Guide to Dating

Are you a master at Halo, but you suck at dating? Do you take pride in your comic collection but fear that you won’t find a partner who understands?

As a horror geek, I understand obstacles of finding someone on par with your passion for geeky things. 

The Geek’s Guide to Dating is the perfect book to help you find a player two in your life. 

This book is a fun primer for gamers, cosplayers, and academic geeks alike who want to update traditional dating rules for the modern world. 

One thing I enjoy about this book is that it’s not specifically targeted to just geeky guys. Ladies, such as myself, can learn some new skills from this manual. 

If you’re looking for cheat codes to level-up in the game of dating, I strongly recommend adding The Geek’s Guide to Dating to your geeky collection. 

To learn more or buy The Geek’s Guide to Dating, check out the official site HERE

Comic Recommendations: Touching Evil

While I was on the hunt for awesome toys and new comics during my time at C2E2, I specifically aimed to pick up a copy of Touching Evil

I first got a taste of Dan Dougherty’s work when I read Bob Howard Plumber of the Unknown and based on that I knew his latest comic, Touching Evil would be something I would enjoy a lot. 

And I did. 

Here’s the premise: 

“An ancient spell that has been locked away for decades is about to be cast back out into the world. The bearer of this spell is granted immortality, and kill anyone with a mere touch of the hand… provided that the person is evil. Why would anyone want to give up such a spell? And what is evil? Some call it power. Some call it a curse. We call our story… Touching Evil.

The idea of destroying evil with just a touch fascinated me. The first issue is strongly engaging and by the end of it, I wanted to know what the hell is going to happen in the next book! I felt like I was reading a more twisted and interesting version of The Green Mile

I’m looking forward to seeing where the story leads to and more about this evil detecting spell. 

To get your hands on the first issue of Touching Evil, go to the official site HERE and check out the other comics available while you’re there. 

Comics Recommendations: Death to Dinksville: Chapter Four: Carnage on Clementine Island




Last year I recommended the first three chapters of Death to Dinksville.  

In the fourth installment of this 13 chapter series, the story goes back to the downfall of the psycho killer Haddenfield and all the personal turmoils he endured before he decided to go on a killing spree. The story then picks off where the three chapter ended. 

Death to Dinksville continues to amaze me by how intensely gory it is and how strong the story is progressing. I feel like that kid in the AT&T commercial demanding for more. 

I think this is a comic that horror fans will love and I recommend for readers to seek it out.

To learn more about the series go to the main site HERE

Happy reading folks. 

Comics Recommendations: Monster Dudes #2

Last year I recommended the comic Monster Dudes and now I proudly present the release of the second issue! 

I got an early look of this issue and it’s just as funny as first one. 

The second issues touches on an attack of a 50 ft insect, merman going shopping, The Mummy’s ex wife troubles (my favorite) and more.

I praise Monster Dudes for bringing a comical approach to classic horror characters and themes.

The second issue will premiere at Dan Con this weekend but if you’re not going, you can find out more about it’s release on the Monster Dudes Facebook page

Comics Recommendations: Roaring 20’s

I’m doing something a little different for this week’s recommendation. I’m going to introduce you guys to a new comic that is currently in the works. 

Roaring 20’s is a story about gangsters and the city that’s stuck between two rival gangs, The Dinosaurs and The Cavemen. As the city grows and expands, a bloody war is waged on the streets. Roaring 20’s is a comic that tells these stories. The city is alive, life is good if you aren’t afraid to get your claws dirty.

If you want to know more about this comic, and you should want to know more because dinosaurs are effin’ awesome, you can check out the Facebook page HERE

Enjoy! imagesIEXJS096