31 Days of Halloween: Day 12 & 13: The Movieside Massacre 2013

Every year in October I attend two (yes two) 24 hour horror marathons. 

I’m hardcore like that. 

This year I went to Chicago’s Patio Theatre to attend my first marathon of the year, The Movieside Massacre.

For this marathon I was only able to do 12 hours out of the 24 but I made the most of it while I was there. 

The first thing I purchased at this marathon was this spiffy and cute Creature from the Black Lagoon figure. 

I held my toy by myself along with my Cherry Coke and started the first of many films. 

Edison’s Frankenstein

I know the story of Frankenstein very well yet I can never get tired of any adaptation of it. 

This short, silent story film gives a simple re-telling of the classic story.

I could not find a trailer for this film so I added the video of it below. 


Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Continuing on with the Frankenstein story, I watched Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man for the first time. 

Larry Talbot, The Wolfman, is awaken from his burial ground by grave robbers. 

He is desperate to find a cure for his curse and in his quest for answers he is led to Frankenstein’s castle. 

While rummaging through the castle looking for Frankenstein’s notes, Larry finds the frozen remains of the Monster. He releases the Monster in hopes that he will help him find Frankenstein’s notes. 
The film progresses with some silly story line that leads the Wolf Man to transform and fight the Monster. 
I love all the Universal monster mash ups so I enjoyed this blend. 

Tomb of Ligeia

Verden Fell is a reclusive man haunted by his dead wife.

One day he meets a beautiful, young woman who reminds him of his past beloved so he marries her. 

Verden’s new wife takes on similar traits as his ex. He soon finds out that the bitchy ex wants to possess his new wife so she can continue to rule his life.

Every year this fest features a Vincent Price film I’ve never seen and I always end up loving it. 

This film inspired me to seek out all Vicent Price film and have myself a marathon of just him. 


George Romero isn’t just the king of zombies, he did an amazing job at making one of the best and unique vampire tales of all time. 

Martin is a young man who grew up believing that he is a cursed vampire. 

He can walk around during the day but he has to have blood to live. 

His grandfather takes him in after his immediate family dies but he treats Martin like he is a vicious killer. 

Martin feeds into his grandfather’s concerns and warnings but he still roams the night seeking blood from female victims. 

This film was the highlight of this fest for me.

I have not seen Martin in many years so to get a chance to see a beautiful print of it, on the big screen, along with horrors, really made my night. 

Dead and Buried

A small coastal town harbors a dark secret. The townsfolk band together to murder anyone who comes to visit the town.

The local sheriff is the only one who isn’t in on these murders so he digs around to find out what’s going on with the killings.  

It doesn’t take him too long to realize that he cannot trust anyone in the town. 

Dead and Buried is another film I haven’t seen in many years. I felt like I forgotton so much so it was like watching it for the first time again. 

It was also great to meet director Gary Sherman again. 

Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge 

I reviewed Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2 a few years ago when I had a marathon for the whole series. 

I still feel like it is the lesser of the whole franchise but after meeting Mark Patton and learning more about the things that happened behind the scenes, I do have some respect for the movie. 

April Fools’ Day 

College students spend April Fool’s Day weekend at their friend Muffy’s remote island home.

They think the weekend will be filled with fun and jokes but they realize that Muffy may not be who they thought she was. 

I’ve seen April Fools’ Day many times and I can never get sick of it. It has such a great cast and I always enjoy seeing the pranks before all the blood shed begins. 


I was also very thrilled to have the chance to meet the director, Fred Walton. 


The Gate 

My final film of the fest. 

Two boys accidentally open the gates of hell. They unleash an army of deadly creatures that are trying to raise hell on earth. 

The boys must find a way to seal the whole while trying to fight off the little clay monsters. 

I was a kid when I first saw this movie and my parents left me and my brothers home alone every couple of weekends. I was always convinced that one weekend, something like this was going to happen.

It never did but I still had that fear every time they left.

Thanks a lot for scarring me The Gate! 

After the Gate ended, I went home to get some sleep so I could be well rested for the Goblin show the following night. 

My second horror marathon continued on the following weekend. 

31 Days of Halloween: The Massacre (24 Hour Horror Marathon)

For the second weekend in a row I battled another 24 hour horror marathon. Due to other obligations I was only able to rock out 18 hours but I still got the chance to see some great flicks in the during my duration. Some movies I’ve seen and reviewed before and some other were movies I haven’t seen in the longest time. Anyway, here’s my viewing list.

The Black Cat

Joan and Peter are a couple honeymooning in Hungry. While traveling they cross paths with Dr. Vitus Verdegast. They learn that Vitus has been in a war prison for 15 years and is off to met an old friend, Hjalmar Poelzig. When they get into an accident, Joan is badly injury so Peter and Vitus take her to the home of Hjalmar. 

Hjalmar’s takes care of Joan but she becomes the object of his sacrificial choice. 

Vitus did not visit Hjalmar on happy term, he came to claim his wife and daughter that Hjalmar stole from him and take down his Satanic cult. 

Joan and Peter are wrapped up in the deadly fight between Vitus and Hjalmar while Joan’s life is a stake. 

Karloff and Logosi bring a dynamic force to the films they work on together. It’s a gift to see these two share the screen. 

The Curse of the Werewolf

A desperate bum reaches out to a douchebag marque for some food. The marque makes the bum dance, act like a dog and other humiliating tasks before locking him away in a dungeon to be kept as a pet. The bum is forgotten about but the jailer and his beautiful, mute daughter keep him feed for 15 years. When the daughter grows up the marque makes a pass at her and she refuses. He throws her in the dungeon with the dirty ass bum who rapes her. 

When the marque takes her out of the dungeon to see if she’s ready to play nice, she kills him and makes a break for it. She lives in the woods for a few months before a kind stranger, Don, rescues her. He takes her in his home where he and Teresa, his housekeeper care for her. When they find out she’s pregnant, they treat her like she’s a part of the family. 

When the child is born, the woman dies leaving Don and Teresa to raise and name him Leon. For some reason because Leon was born on Christmas Day and his mother was not married, he has the unlucky curse of being a werewolf. It could happen. 

Don and Teresa do what they can to keep him safe and kept him away from other people during the course of the full moon.

When Leon grows up, he goes out into the world to find a job and have a life for himself but the wolf in him is on the brink of breaking free. 

The Witchfinder General

An opportunist witch hunter takes advantage of his status to torture people in the name of witchery. 

He travels from town to town offering to rid the area of any witches. He doesn’t have any special powers to weed out witches, he is just looking for money and sexual favors. When he accuses a priest of being a witch, shit goes down and the priest’s soon to be son-in-law goes after the Witchfinder. 

I haven’t seen every single movie Vincent Price has been in but I have seen enough to say the man can do no wrong. He always masters the sinister, evil roles such as this one. 

Spider Baby 

It was such a geeky pleasure to not only see this gem on the big screen with a new print but to also meet Jack Hill as well. 

I’ve reviewed this before as a part of the Final Girl Film Club so here’s the link to that

Spider Baby review 

The Return of the Living Dead

Two laid-back medical supply warehouse workers stupidly release a deadly gas into the air. The vapors cause the dead to return and attack the living.

Punk teenagers, the warehouse owner and a mortician are stranded, struggling to surivive while the dead over rule the town.

Return of the Living Dead was the zombie movie I grew up on. I can say I’ve probably seen this more than any other zombie movie ever made, ever. This movie is a special piece of my childhood and it helped shaped my love for zombies even before zombies became cool. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This is another movie I’ve reviewed before but again, enjoyed watching on the big screen at midnight with a bunch of horror freaks showing some Dokken love! 

Dream Warriors review 


I feel honored to have seen this for the first time a few year ago in a theater and now getting to see it again with people who have never heard of it made this time extra special. 

I still can’t get over how crazy and amazingly zany this film is and I love it a little more every time I see it.

Hausu review 


Nightmares is a horror anthology that focuses on urban legends and rare tales.
The first story is about a woman going out to feed her nicotine addiction while there’s a killer loose in her town.
The second story is about a video game junkie obsessed with an unbeatable game. Word on the street is, no one has ever reached the 12th level, so he breaks the arcade to spend his night beating the game. When he reaches the 12th level and must face off with the “bishop” of the game, shit gets real.
The third story is about a faithless man who faces off with a demonic monster truck. It’s along the lines of the movie Duel.
The final story is about a family that is plagued with rats in their home. The father of the home ignores the problem thinking it’s fixable but after menacing events and scary occurrences, they realize they are not dealing with normal rats.
Nightmares isn’t as scary or creepy as other classic anthology films like Tales from the Darkside or Creepshow but its stands on its own as an underrated movie.
Also, you can’t go wrong with watching anything with Emilio Estevez.

And now this completes my 24 hour marathon run of the year. Sleep awaits….

31 Days of Halloween: Music Box of Horrors

If you’ve read this blog for a while (thank you to you all) or if you know me personally, you know that around this time every year I go to a 24 hour horror marathon. Yeah I’m awesome, yo.

After a fun yet long journey spending my weekend in a dark theater with horror loving fiends, I was exposed to new and old great horror movies. 

I slept through some movies or went out to eat but here are the movies that I did watched during the marathon.

The Golem

A Rabbi creates a creature from clay to protect the Jewish community from persecution.  The Golem acts as a servant to the Rabbi and does as he told to help the people in town. When a spell is put on him, he turns evil and acts out of rage and vengeance. 

I first heard of the Golem when the Simpsons did a parody of the story for one of their Treehouse of Horrors episodes. I was intrigued to learn that it’s an actual Jewish folklore. 

I love how this is a religious based Frankenstein-esque story only more mythical than scientific. 

The Invisible Man

A scientist discovers a way to become invisible and he takes advantage of his situation. He grows mad with power and develops a murderously and destructive hunger that cannot be stopped. 

Police are desperate to catch him so his reign of terror can end but finding someone they can’t see is challenging.

Out of all the Universal Monsters movies, I think The Invisible Man is the only one I haven’t seen. I was not expecting it to be so hilarious! Even though he was super evil, I was completely rooting for him throughout the whole movie.

The Invisible Man easily became one of my favorite films of this whole marathon. 

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors

Five strangers meet on a train where a tarot card reader tells them their grim futures.

I’m a giant sucker for anthology films and though all of these stories were a little tame, I still loved it. Well, it’s hard to not love a film that has Donald Sutherland, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in it.

This was my first time seeing this film which made it super, uber extra special because it was the original Technicolor print. Shazam!


A storm knocks power lines into the wet soils of a small Georgia town. The surge of electricity causes killer worms to rise from the ground and overrun the town.

I always enjoy nature strikes back type of horror movies because it’s not dealing with the supernatural or any kind of evil. It deals with things we see everyday and never consider that one day these things will decide to attack us, such as these worms.

It was nice to have the writer/director Jeff Lieberman in attendance of this event to talk about the film and his experience with working with Rick Baker and the worms.

Satan’s Little Helper

A young boy is obsessed with a video game called Satan’s Little Helper. He loves it so much that he’s dresses up like the helper for Halloween.

When he runs into a serial killer dressed up like Satan, the boy thinks this guy must like the video game too. The kid wants to help Satan “kill” people and the silent killer agrees to let the kid tag along. When he goes around killing people, the kid thinks that it’s a game and those people aren’t really dead. It isn’t till bodies later that the kid realizes that he’s not playing a game and this Satan person is killing people for reals.

I’ve heard about this movie a lot yet never thought to check it out. I was expecting it to be a bit cheesy but it was actually awesome. I am completely thrilled that I got the chance to see and with a lively, horror loving audience. Best setting ever!

Howling II: Your Sister’s A Werewolf

The brother of a werewolf victim joins a hunter to kill the queen of all werewolves. 

As I waited in line to get into the theater, the people around me openly talked about the movies we were all going to view during this 24 hour period. It was unanimous that Howling II was not a good movie. Spoiler alert, they were all right.

I can imagine that if I went out and rented this and watched it alone, I would be bored. It goes to show that if you take any bad movie and watch it with the right people, it can be damn enjoyable. This bad movie became enjoyable and memorable. 

The Beyond

A young woman inherits an old hotel which is built over an entrance to Hell.

This was another first time viewing for me. I can’t get enough of how awesomely gruesome Fulci films are and how the death scenes always make giggly and yet feel sick. Great combine to experience when you’re watching a horror movie. 

Blood Diner

Two cannibalistic brothers kill women as a part of a ritual to awaken a goddess. They must seek out different parts of certain females to cook up the right formula for the ritual. 

This movie is a loose sequel to Herschell Gordon Lewis’s Blood Feast. I’ve had this movie sitting on my dvd shelf for over a year now and I had no idea what wonderful gem I had going to waste. Like the style of HGL’s films, Blood Diner is a dish of corny and gory. 

The Burning

Like most summer camp horror movies, this one brings a tale of bloody vengeance! A camp grounds keeper gets horribly disfigured when campers pull a prank on him. Years later he returns to the camp to kill the ones that have wronged him.

This movie has everything: blood-splattered murders, the stereotypical camp goers AND Jason Alexander with hair. Someone give this movie an Oscar, stat!

Evil Dead 2

Ash takes his girlfriend Linda to a secluded cabin in the woods as a romantic getaway. Ash finds a tape recorder and decides to play it. What harm can a little tape recorder do right?! Well the tape plays a professor’s reading from the Book of the Dead. The incantation casts a spell which unleashes evil forces on the happy couple. Linda is possessed and Ash kills her to protect himself and he is left stranded in the cabin.

He is later joined by the professor’s daughter and three of her colleagues and the group fight for the lives while battling evil. 

The combination of the heart and humor that Raimi and Campbell bring to the Evil Dead series sparks an unexplained magic onto the screen.  I don’t know what the future brings for these two to team up again and what the hell will become of the remake for Evil Dead but for now, let;s just appreciate the glory of this whole series. Ah, good times. 

This was a groovy film to close the 24 hour marathon. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) 

And that is all… for now! Stay tuned next weekend when I do yet another 24 hour marathon! 

Chicago Events: Terror in the Aisles 3

Last night I attended Chicago’s Terror in the Aisles 3.

The triple feature line-up was Night of the Creeps Director’s Cut, The Blair Witch Project and Black Christmas.

To add on to all the greatness Creeps writer/director Fred Dekker and Blair Witch co-writer/director Eduardo Sanchez showed up to present the films.

To warm up the show and to go with the Christmas spirit, we watched the short film, Treevenge. If you watched the short The Life of a Pumpkin, it’s almost like that but with blood. I urge you to take the time and watch the whole thing.

My parents stopped getting real trees for Christmas a few years ago and got one of those fake ones. Every time I came home for Christmas I was so disappointed because I loved the way the house had that pine smell. My mother tries to compensate by lighting “Holiday” candles and spraying the house with artificial scents. After watching that short, I now appreciate my parents’ decision to keep us safe and unharmed for when the day comes that trees decide to attack.

The first feature was Night of the Creeps.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen Night of the Creeps on the big screen but I always love watch it with hardcore horror fans that can enjoy Tom Atkin’s antics and J.C’s humor and the beloved “screaming like a banshee” quote.

This was the first time that I’ve seen the Director’s Cut ending. It made it hard for me to decide on what ending I prefer but I love them all.

After the movie was over, Fred Dekker did a Q&A by producer Michael Felsher





The second feature was The Blair Witch Project.

It’s the movie’s 10 year anniversary and it’s also 10 years since I’ve seen it. We were shown the Sundance cut so in a way it was like watching it for the first time. I forgot about how really creepy a lot of the scenes are. Of course the last scene will stick with me for the rest of my life but during the night when they heard noises outside of the tent, I got the chills. The thing that’s great about this movie isn’t all the hype that was built around it but it’s “use your imagination” element that runs throughout the whole movie. We are left to wonder what those noises are without actually seeing any thing. There is one scene when they are in the tent, they hear noises and the tent starts shaking. We don’t see what’s causing it and we never really know. Also once one of the characters disappears, we later hear him screaming in the woods at night. His screams gave me shivers and my mind went to several different places to what could be happening to him to cause those screams.

I know some shaky camera work and now knowing the whole thing is fake doesn’t mesh well with people who don’t like this movie but after seeing it again after all of this time, I think it still has a strong hold on some viewers and with other similar films (Paranormal Activity) this can still stand on it’s own.

Afterwards we had our final Q&A for the night with Eduardo Sanchez.




Before the final movie we watched the short film Chemical D-12, some Hitchcock trailers and other misc trailers.

Then we were on to the great classic, Black Christmas.

We were supposed to get a screening of [Rec] 2 but unfortunately it went to a screening in New York. On the fortunate side, we got Black Christmas instead.

I love this holiday horror film because it’s so damn perplexed with a chilling atmosphere to boot. The story’s great, the killer is creepy not only because he’s skilled at dirty phone calls and lurking in a house undetected, but we know nothing of this person.

The humorous remake tried to take a shot at a back story and holy crap was it awful. I did enjoy the colorful use of family values and the attempt to try to make sense of “Billy” but yeah, it’s crap-tastic.

The original on the other hand is not. Olivia Hussey plays the role of the scared and unsure Jess very well and Margot Kidder is a convincing foul-mouth drunk. And Bob Clark is Father Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

Black Christmas was the great end to this evening and I’m looking forward to next week’s Horror Society’s Holiday of Horror fest.

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Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: Flashback Weekend

Last weekend I attended another one of my yearly conventions, Flashback Weekend.

Flashback is the ma and pop of conventions. Mike and Mia Kerz put together this convention every year with the help of sponsors like Anchor Bay and Starz Entertainment.

This year’s theme was a Near Dark and Ginger Snaps reunion. Special guests were Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein and Tim Tomthson. Others guest such as Mercedes McNab, Tony Todd, Kevin J ‘O Conner, and others.

The weekend events were very unbalanced compared to other years so for this post instead of doing a daily play-by-play, I’m going going to put up a lot of pics as a “through the eyes of a convention goer” post. Sound cool? Too bad!

Convention Area & Vendors


Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle

Tony Todd

Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein and Tim Tomthson

Tim Quill

Kathryn Le

Kevin J O’ Conner

Robert Englund


Horror Lovers are the best people!

Full Moon Road Show






Thus concludes Flashback Weekend.

Chicago Events: Music Box Massacre V

October is more than just the month of cold weather, great movie releases and Halloween. To us horror fans and movie geeks in Chicago, we look forward to the yearly event of the Music Box Massacre!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than to sit in a theater and watch horror movies for 24 straight hours.

I’ve been attending this event every year and the line-up gets better and better (which helps when you’re struggling to stay awake)

The first movie to kick off the fest was Hunchback of Notre Dame. Fuck the Disney version, this fantastic 1923 silent film features the great Lon Chaney.

At previous Massacre events, the silent films have been accompanied by a live organ player but that was missing this year. Oh well, it didn’t change the fact that this movie is a timeless classic and it was a great start for the day.

Next was Isle of the Dead, starring another icon in horror, Boris Karloff.

This was my first time seeing this B&W film and I thought it was an enjoyable psychological thriller.

Walter Paisley (a very young Dick Miller) is a struggling sculptor whom discovers that murder + clay= fame! What starts off as an accident with his cat leads to murder and art. This is a great Corman film and though it’s pretty original it does remind me of the Tales from the Crypt episode: Easel Kill Ya.

To celebrate the birthday bicentennial of the amazing Edgar Allen Poe, we were graciously treated with reading of his work by Tim Kazurinsky and Greg Hollimon. This was one of the best highlights of the night. Stuart Gordon introduced them to the stage and Tim and Greg took turns reading two poems, one of which was Annabelle Lee, one of my favorites.

The reading was followed by the Masters of Horror episode, The Black Cat.

This is one of the best episodes out of the entire series. Jeffrey Combs takes on the tortured, complex role of Poe and adds a sense of compassion and humor.

Next was The Brood, starring a special guest, Art Hindle.

Sometimes I don’t always “get” Cronenberg’s stuff but I can’t help but be so engaged with every one of his films. This had creepy dwarfy kids and a fucked up vagina-thingy. My kind of movie.

Afterwards Art Hindle did a Q&A




Next was a Gordon/Combs double feature …Re-Animator and From Beyond

What’s not to love about a movie that blends comedy/horror and has a scene with a head giving head? This was such a great movie to watch on a big screen and in a packed theater.

I’ve seen From Beyond on the big screen before and it was introduced by Ken Foree but it’s always good to see such a movie again with a new audience.

Stuart Gordon Q&A


(Host Rusty Nails, Going to Pieces writer Adam Rockoff, Gordon)



Next the Midwest premiere of PontyPool

I really wanted to love this movie but there’s something not there. I watched this once before and thought it was just ok. I thought maybe a second viewing in the theater would improve my feeling but I just can’t get over how off the movie seems. This is definitely a new, fresh “zombie” movie. The infection doesn’t spread by a bite or a scratch but through spoken words. In a way it’s pretty creepy since language is an easy thing to spread but the “cure” in the movie threw me off too much so I just can’t settled on the last part of the film. I know a lot of people who loved this so to each their own.

Also, I can’t watch any Bing commercials without thinking of this movie.

I haven’t seen this movie since I was a little kid so it was a delight to experience the restored version with an add-in scene at the end. For a tv movie 20 years ago, the ending is still strongly effective and kind of touching. I can’t wait for the dvd release next month!

The writer J.D. Fiegelson Q&A




A great follow-up to the original film and also, a great movie to beat the 4 a.m. drowsiness.

I love Herschell Gordon Lewis movies. They are kind of cheesy but the amounts of gore overcompensates for everything!

Before getting into the next movie, we had a musical intermission with the Michael Jackson’s Thriller and AC/DC videos. Dancing zombies and hard rock was all the breakfast I needed.



When I was younger, my parents like to take us on trips to Mississippi and Florida all the time. When we would be on a bridge over the water, I always had this fear that the bridge would be raised and we’d all drown. The opening scene of this always stuck with me and of course, that freaky ass devil truck! At this point, if I was feeling any kind of sleepiness, it was destroyed by the start of this movie.

A while ago I wrote about my favorite movie scenes, one of which was, PLUG IT UP! Imagine how great it was to see that scene of the big screen. Again, it’s apart of my sick sense of humor but I can’t help but find it absolutely hilarious! This was a great ending to the fest.

After the movie’s credits were over, everyone who survivied the Massacre went outside for the yearly, in the street, group picture.


I had a great time, did not sleep with the help of junk food, tea, ballz, friends and great movies.

Till Next Year.

Chicago Events: Terror in the Aisles 2


My favorite thing about living in Chicago is all the film fest and marathons I get to partake in. One such event is Terror in the Aisles, hosted by Rusty Nails.



Terror in the Aisles started last year and it features movies, shorts and trailers. In between you can get yourself some snacks or buy tons of awesome shit from awesome people.



This year Terror the Aisles keep things short and sweet, only three movies were shown this year but great movies. This year the features were Evil Dead, then My Bloody Valentine (original) and for the grand finale, Trick ‘r Treat.

I heard about Trick ‘r Treat over a year ago and have had the biggest boner for this movie. I have always had a deep devoting love for anthology films so the chance to get to see this movie before the dvd release made me want to dance in my pants.

Another great thing about these events are the special guests. This year’s guests were Evil Dead’s special effects makeup artist Tom Sullivan, My Bloody Valentine’s director George Mihalka and Trick ‘R Treat’s writer/director Michael Dougherty.

The fest kicked off with two short films. Hellcat and Tala and one of my favorites Gay by Dawn, made by the great Jonathan London.

The first feature was Evil Dead. This wasn’t my first time seeing it on the big screen but fuck, it’s Evil Dead, it’s special with every viewing. Following the movie was a Q&A with Tom Sullivan.





Next was My Bloody Valentine. The remake was such a fun movie but it doesn’t compare to the greatness of the original film. The George Mihalka Q&A was conducting by Going to Pieces‘ Adam Rockoff.




Next we got to see Michael Dougherty’s short animated film, Season’s Greeting which inspired Trick ‘r Treat. I loved it!

Then starts Trick ‘r Treat. I will be taking time to write about this movie separately but I will say that it was pretty great. I cannot express how happy I was to see this before the release in Oct but it still would have been worth the wait. It was funny, gory and I love the stories. I’m really anxious to see this again, like right now. I’m just glad that this movie got to see the light of day and it’s no longer being pushed back. Folks, see this if/when you can!

Michael Dougherty ended the night with his Q&A




And this concludes Chicago’s Terror in the Aisles 2.

Stay Tuned for October’s edition of Chicago Events for the Music Box Massacre 5. I sit through 24 hours of horror movies and take on an endless battle of sleepiness.