Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: G-Fest XXI

As someone who is into quirky things such as unique horror movies, aliens, robots, toys and monsters, I always find that going to conventions are the best way to geek out over such things while being surrounded by various people who also love the same things I do. 

I was fortunate to have this experience a few weeks ago at G-Fest XXI.

G-FEST is the largest regular gathering of Godzilla and Japanese monster fans in the world. Held each summer, it typically attracts more than 1000 attendees. G-FEST 2013 was the most successful convention to date, bringing in more than 2000 Japanese science fiction and fantasy film fans!

It is a family-oriented convention which caters to a wide variety of interests within the kaiju genre. G-FEST features presentations and Q & A sessions by actors and crew from the Japanese Godzilla films, fan presentations on topics of interest, contests and gaming, new and classic kaiju movies, the western world’s largest kaiju-oriented dealers room, and lots of fun and camaraderie.

I have heard about G-Fest over the years but the timing was never right for me to attend one. This year I wasn’t going to let another one pass me by before I had the chance to fully experience what it’s like to be in the atmosphere of other monster loving fans. 

The weekend was jammed pack with panels, short and full-length film viewings, art shows, an art gallery, guest signings and what’s a convention without a fully stocked vendor’s room. 

To get the full effect of G-Fest this year here are some photos of all the glorious monstrous fun. 

Godzilla and King Kong aren’t the only celebrated monsters at G-Fest

The Artist’s Alley showcased talented artists’ diverse kaiju inspired work. 

Another one of my favorite attractions at G-Fest was art contest submissions. People of all ages created spectacular work to show their love for monsters. 

For anyone who is a fan of all things monsters, I highly recommend coming out to a G-Fest one year so you can experience the impressive amounts of monster discussions, artwork and toys, toys toys!!! 

A big thanks to Jeff Horne and J.D. Lees for putting together a fun-filled weekend and another big thanks to Tom Miller for his fantastic photos. 

To learn more about G-Fest check out their website

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: C2E2 2014

It’s the end of April in Chicago. The snow on the ground is gone and the geeks and nerds get the chance to come out of hibernation to gather together at C2E2

If you’re not familiar with C2E2, it is a Chicago-based convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. From a show floor packed with hundreds of exhibitors, to panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators, to screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen. 

This is my 4th year at C2E2 and so far the best. I think it’s safe to say that every year gets better and better. C2E2 has easily become my favorite convention and a great outlet for my inner geek girl to break loose. 

Experience my C2E2 weekend in the form of awesome pictures below! 

Costume Contest Contestants 

Random Floor Pics 

Game of Thrones Panel with Natalia Tena (Osha) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) 

If you’ve watched the show (and even if you haven’t I can’t consider this a spoiler) you are aware of the fact that Hodor is known for a short scene where he has a giant weiner. When Kristian Nairn was added to C2E2’s guest list, I jokingly told all of my friends about how excited I was to meet Hodor’s Ween-Dor. Yes, I can be a bit of a perv at times but joking aside, I wasn’t going to take any of their suggestions on bringing up the wiener thing when meeting Kristian.  

Turns out that I didn’t have to. During the Q&A, the majority of the questions were about Hodor’s in the pants monster. All the questions I ever had were answered all without having to ask. 

The duo did also talked about harsh conditions during filming, who they thought should be on the throne and their feelings about Red Wedding. But again, mostly penis questions. 
More Floor and costume pics
Ernie Hudson signing for fans 

One of the best things I got over the weekend was a drawing of me riding Godzilla done by Mad Magazine’s Tom Richmond.

I am now able to take “Ride Godzilla” off my bucket list thanks to Mr. Richmond. 

RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad panel) 

RJ talked about his experience with starting Breaking Bad when he was only 14 years-old. He also talked about being an actor with a disability and the hardships that come with it.  

RJ signing my Chemistry Set

The Crow Reunion Panel (Michael Massee, Tony Todd, & Ernie Hudson) 

A fan dressed up for the Q&A 

This was Michael Massee’s first convention and it was an honor to sit through this panel and hear the stories these three had while working on the film. 

My last day of C2E2 started off with the Stan Lee panel. It was the best start of the any of the three days. 

It was an incredible delight to be in the presences of Stan and hear about his journey with Marvel.His accomplishments are damn inspiring plus he’s so flippin’ hilarious and cute! I will forever feel honored that I got a chance to met him. 

And thus concludes another great year at C2E2. 

A super awesome, special thanks to Wolf Gnards and Tom Miller. 

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: Flashback Weekend 2013

Every year I cannot rave on enough about going to my local convention Flashback Weekend.

Unlike the other conventions I go to, Flashback is low key with big guests.

Instead of paying insane amounts of prices to meet celebrities and stand in line for endless hours, Flashback provides a reasonable priced tickets/packages and the celebs normally don’t charge crazy prices along with access to your butt hole.

Ok, now I feel like I work for them and I’m trying to convince you all to go but for serious, I love going every year and this year was no different.

So here are the pictures I took during my adventures this weekend!

One of the greatest things I own is this Dawn of the Dead poster previously signed by George Romero and Tom Savini.

This weekend I got the chance to meet the rest of the Dawn of the Dead cast. You can imagine what a geek-a-rama sized boner I had especially after my Monroeville trip earlier this year.

David Emge (Stephen) 

Scott H. Reiniger (Roger) 

Ken Foree (Peter) 

Gaylen Ross (Fran)

And here is the “after” shot of my amazingly, beautiful poster! 

Another awesome cast of people I got to meet was the crew of Pet Sematary! 

Denise Crosby (Rachel) 

Brad Greenquist (Pascow) 

Dale Midkiff (Louis) 

Miko Hughes (Gage) 

I also got the wonderful chance to meet Bruce Davison! 

Two great people from The Fog were also guests at Flashback….

Nancy Loomis! 

Most memorable for Annie in Halloween! 

And one of my favorite people….

Tom Atkins! 

I absolutely adore this man plus he’s still sexy as ever! 

Is there a celebrity you would think is someone who may never do a convention? Maybe someone who thinks that they’re too old for that shit? Well, I met that guy!

Danny Glover ya’ll! 

With my very limited funds, I was thinking about the things I could have got Danny to sign for me. There’s Saw or maybe even Predators 2… but instead I got my Dad an autograph from his favorite actor…for his upcoming birthday. Bonus, he has no idea I got it! Shhh

So, I made the biggest, amateurish mistake ever! I didn’t check to see if my camera was charged before I left. All of my panel pics were taken via my IPhone so sorry for not so great quality pics. I have shamed my Nikon. 

Danny Glover panel 

Tom Atkins panel 

The Lords of Salem panel (Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Bruce Davison, Lisa Marie, Judy Geeson, and Meg Foster) 

Bruce Davison panel

Dawn of the Dead panel (Ken Foree, Gaylen Ross, Scott H. Reiniger and David Emge)

Nancy Loomis panel 

And now here are random pictures of the floor, celebs doing random things and me being super immature! 

Who in the hell would poop on a table?!?….

…. Oh yeah, it was me!


William Forsythe

George Romero!

Judy Geeson

Patricia Quinn

Blade took time to take a pic with me.

From Maximum Overdrive. The scariest prop ever!

Kim Darby

Dale Midkiff and Brad Greenquist talking about that time they were in Pet Sematary

Betsy Russell

Eileen Dietz

Lisa Marie

Meg Foster and Judy Geeson talking about that time they were in The Lords of Salem together

Ahh!!! The Predator!

I wanted to shake his hand but he said in his planet they touch crotches

Kevin O’ Connor

Bruce and Judy talking about that time when they….


And the best for last….

Me and George Romero! 


Love, love, love this man! 
And this concludes my adventures at Flashback! 

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: George Romero Film Locations

When I was a kid, I grew up watching all of George Romero’s zombie films. I never thought that years later into my adulthood I would be visiting some of the filming location spots.

I spent Memorial Day weekend going to PA with some friends to have a fantastic, geeky experience.

And now I’m sharing that geeky experience with you! Enjoy! 

(Thanks to my friend Richard for the film screenshot) 

Monroeville Mall (Original Dawn of the Dead)

Parking by the same spot the original crew parked at 

Down there was where the original J.C. Penny’s stood. R.I.P.

The ice rink was turned into a food court.
The only store left from the original 

Air field (Dawn of the Dead) 

“Redneck House” (Dawn of the Dead) 

Night of the Living Dead original  (cemetery)

The chapel in the background 

Taking a look inside the chapel

Product placement? 
And this is how it’s all going to begin. A stupid person knocks over the barrels… 

The Crazies (Post Office)

Night of the Living Dead remake (cemetery)

I was confused and frightened by the upside down cross. Wtf? 

My attempt to recreate the scene 
Got it!

Night of the Living Dead remake (house)


Creepshow’s The Crate 

The House of Henry and Wilma

 Carnegie Mellon (in the movie it was called Amberson Hall) 

And to close my geeky adventure, a picture my friends and I took at the mall. 

Although I kinda felt like a creeper taking pictures of people’s houses and breaking the law in certain cases, I loved the feeling of being in places that filled my head of zombie dreams when I was a kid.

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: My C2E2 Three Day Diary Coverage

As the 2013 convention season kicks off, I team up with WolfGnards again to dive balls deep into comics, tees, toys and other various forms of geekery.

So here is my journey through C2E2 weekend


Wolf Gnards and I started the day ready to take on the world…of the convention center. We started off walking to the entrance only to find that the set up this year is in another room and super mega huge. I was disoriented by all the awesomeness surrounding me so it was a lot to take in. Here are my walk around pictures.

I’m celebrating my first purchase at C2E2

I love feeling tall 

I took a break to meet one of the greatest fan girl of all time. Felicia Day.
I bought a beautiful Dr. Horrible piece from Etsy and couldn’t wait for her to sign. When she saw it, she was so thrilled she couldn’t stop taking pics of it. I was so thrilled that I got it signed by her and got to meet her. The rumors are true; she is a very sweet and pleasant gal.

After the glow of meeting Felicia I moved on to meet one of my favorite people, Ron Perlman! I’ve meet Ron before at a Fangoria convention a few years ago but the line was rushed so I wasn’t able to get a picture. Well I was not going to walk away from C2E2 without a picture with Ron this time. I was rocking out my Shark vs. Zombie shirt and tousling my adorable hair. Me and Ron were gonna happen!

Meeting Ron again in a different environment was more easy-going and he was easy-going. He was very gentlemanly and his handshake was dainty. I was expecting him to be all “RAWR!” while shaking my hand but he was gentle. And then after that, I got my picture with him!

One of the negative sides to conventions are photo ops. I love the idea that a photo op is there for people who want a fancy photo with a celeb but it’s not always an option, it’s a “if you want to take any kind of a picture with a certain celeb, you HAVE to get a photo op.” In the picture below my friend wanted an autograph with Natalie Dormer. They said he couldn’t take a picture with her; he had to pay for a photo op. When I tried to snap a distance picture from very afar, without them even posing, the hand of a staff person tried to block my shot!  

Felicia and Ron both had photo ops and they were completely cool about letting fans take pictures with them at their booth when they got autographs. In my early con years, this was the way it used to be. It saddens me that fans today have to drop more coin on photo ops just to get a picture with someone they adore. 

I’m certain I heard him say “HONK” when he randomly grabbed me 
When I was a little girl all my friends wanted Easy Bake ovens and Sun Tan Barbies but I wanted something different. The one thing my youth was missing was a Garbage Pail Kids card with my name (Nicki not Nikki) along with an awesomely gross picture. It was hard enough to find a key chain in a gift shop with my name on it but a Garbage Pail Kids card with my name was damn near never gonna happen.

While walking through The Artist Alley I came across some blokes who did art work for Garbage Pail Kids. When I saw blank cards on the table with the welcoming idea of having my childhood wish fulfilled, my heart whimpered.

I told the guys about my name dilemma and about my heartbreaking search. One guy offered to take the template of a male card and make it female then use the correct spelling of my name, but I couldn’t resist the offer of having something different and original done. So Nicki is my name. I wanted a card that represented something that rhymed with my name. Hickey Nikki, Picky Nikki and Sticky Nikki were all taken. I said I wanted something “really gross and super dirty” and there’s an object that rhymes with my name…and is really gross (depending on how you feel about it) and super dirty.

When I was 8 years-old rummaging through packs of Garbage Pail Kids card, I would probably start crying and needs lots of therapy if I got the card that was made for me. As an adult (by age) I was happy and giddy with the card that was made for me. I would like to state that I did not ask for anything in particular other than “gross and dirty” so the card hidden in the link below was not directly my idea but I’m not ashamed to say that I utterly loved it and will forever take pride in it.
Ya’ll, I got a custom-made Garbage Pail Kid card… with my name spelled right on it! I want to time travel to visit my younger self who is going through endless cards pack with lost hope and say “Don’t worry baby girl, you’ll have a card just for you one day,” then smile and poof away.

One of the best things about have geeky friends is that they can cover inside information you may not know about. I’m grateful to a friend for finding out that Patricia Tallman (Night of the Living Dead remake, Army of Darkness, Dear Air) would be at C2E2. Patricia wasn’t there for any official reason, she just wanted to hang out and support her comic book friend. I geeked in my pants at the chance to meet her again. 

I think I’ve seen the Night of the Living Dead remake more times than the original. I love that Barbara’s character was ballsy, strong and was not afraid to kick some ass. Patricia was amazing as Barbara so I always idolized her.

Another awesome purchase 

 I’m a major Doctor Who fan so an inflatable Tardis and a model Dalek rocked my world

I ended Friday evening tired, achy and super happy!


There are no words to describe how I started my Saturday morning, so I’m going to post a video of it. When I got off the escalator near the entrance of the show room, I thought I was going get a face full of a lot of amazing, great costumes but no, this was the first thing I saw. Enjoy!

After that delightful dance break, I began my Saturday journey taking more pics, going to panels and waiting in line. 

I’ve seen one episode of Toy Hunter at the New Orleans airport and I thought it was a cool show. It also helped that there was a Creature from the Black Lagoon toy in the episode that I watched.

When I met Jordan I shared with him my love for all things Creature (even showed him my Creature tat) and he told me to go to his booth later and check out the Creature toys over there. 

I ended up getting this spiffy Creature toy.

Shortly after meeting the Toy Hunter, I waited in line to meet Patton Oswalt!

Patton was only signing for an hour so I got in line super early for a chance to meet him and have him sign…my Wrong Turn 2 dvd cover. Ok, Patton’s FREE signing was a last minute add-on and when I looked to see if I had anything on hand for him to sign, Wrong Turn 2 was the one and only thing. If you’ve seen WT2 and you’re thinking to yourself, “Where was he in that? I didn’t see him!” That’s because he wasn’t in-IN the movie. He was …a voice. Despite that, I was going for it. I was going to hold my head up and high and have him sign it… and he did!

And a super big Thanks to Wolfie Gnards and Busy Beaver Button Co. for having my back and taking some panel shots 

After meeting Patton, I went to Ron Perlman’s Q&A

Ron talked a lot about working with Guillermo Del Toro and about Sons of Anarchy (I still haven’t seen it yet.) Ron is hilarious and it was fun to watch him painfully try to answer nerdy questions like “Who would win in a fight Hell Boy or *insert any of his other characters here*” or more perplexing “what if *insert complex situation* happened to one of your voice over character, what would you do?!” One of the most shocking things I’ve learned about Ron is that he said he was pushing 70! What? What? I think he’s stunning at his age and DAMN I hope I’m that sexy as hell at 70. Just saying.

Then more walking around happened.

Threadless Fridge! 

So here’s a tip for any comic vendors or any vendors alike: if you comment on my very awesome Sweep The Leg shirt then bring up the Sweep the Leg  music video, I’m going to buy whatever you’re selling. I’m sure I probably would have gotten the comic anyway regardless of my apparel but still Sweep the Leg love FTW!

My Saturday evening ended with me ever so achier and more so happy.

The thing I enjoy most about Sundays at cons is that everything is so laid back. The only thing on my agenda was to meet R.L. Stine then walk around for one more final time.

R.L Stine

Aub from Dark Horse showing off his buttons 

Nathan Fillion can get me to read anything. Am I right?!?!

I’m glad Planet Quirk came to C2E2. They are one of the best people I’ve dealt with throughout my blogging years. 

Seeing a little kid dressed up like Chucky made my whole weekend…maybe even my whole life 

I didn’t pick up a lot of books this time around but Comics Recs will be back on the blog very soon! 

Again C2E2 has provided me with another “BEST WEEKEND EVER!” The downsides of forced photo ops, drunken stroller moms and too many Deadpool costumes didn’t take away from the fact that I love going to C2E2. Spending a weekend in a place with people who accept and share your love for unordinary things is the best experience this geeky fan girl could ever want. 

Flashback Weekend 2012 Panel Pics

Last weekend I went to my favorite local horror convention, Flashback Weekend!

It took some time but I finally got all the panel pictures in order and ready for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately uploading 174 pictures on this site would take another week so I have all the pics on the official Hey! Look Behind You! Facebook Page. If you haven’t already liked the page, go ahead and show some love! 

And now moving on…. 

You can see all the lovely panel and costume contest pictures HERE, so enjoy! 

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: C2E2 2012

C2E2 is a Chicago-based convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. From a show floor packed with hundreds of exhibitors, to panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators, to screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen. 

Over the weekend, I was honored with the opportunity to cover the event for the blog. The whole weekend was a battle between learning about new comics, seeing great toys and costume and trying to keep my fan girl side in check.

Here’s my coverage for C2E2 with a little side of fan girl-dom.


I spent the majority of the day walking the show floor and checking out the latest art work, toys and a panel. 

My panel of the day was for The Nerdist Industries Live! Hosted by Chris Hardwick, featuring Attack of the Show’s Alison Haislip, The Comic Book Club: Justin Tyler and Alex Zalben and comic book editor  Bob Schreck.

Chris talked about the newly release The Nerdist’s YouTube which will feature new shows.  

Bob Schreck revealed the new cover to Jim Lee’s THE TOWER CHRONICLES by Legendary Comics. 

For the start of my day I hung out in the artist alley getting acquainted with the latest comic scene and checked out more toys! 

My first panel of the day was for Nicholas Brendon. It was interesting to see how far he came after the end of Buffy.

The most popular panel of the weekend, The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen and Lauren Cohen came in to talk about their experience on the show and keeping the upcoming season completely spoiler free.

Due to being in a very long line for Steven and Lauren’s autograph session, I was on able to catch the tail end of Val Kilmer’s Q&A panel.

For the time I was there I was able to hear him throw out a few lines from his upcoming play on Mark Twain, which was magical. I also got to witness a humbling moment when Val admitted that he spent a lot of his youth being “difficult” to work with not realizing how hard it was for the people trying to make their films.


The start of Sunday kicked off with John Cusack promoting his new film The Raven.

John not only being an 80’s icon but a hometown Chicago boy, the audience were more interested in his past films and favorite Chicago haunts other than The Raven.

Before my last panel of the day I scouted the floor one final time and enjoyed the Kid’s Day atmosphere.

Now here is when the blogger trying to cover an event got pushed aside by my overwhelming fan girl-domness.

I am a horror fan. I came to C2E2 to open my world to comics with a warm embrace, but overall I am a horror fan. So it only seems suiting that my last panel at C2E2 and the very last panel of the last day of the last hour be a horror-related panel.

If you haven’t heard of Holliston yet, find it! It’s FearNet’s first original tv show featuring Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Chillerama)

I have crossed paths with Adam and Joe over the last few years at various horror conventions and they have always been personable and unpretentious.

The thing I really love about Adam and Joe is that they are me!.. Well, with a penis. They grew up watching the same horror movies that I did, they have the same hard-on for horror that I do, they are the ultimate horror fan boys like I am..only I’m a girl. They take their love for horror, gore and everything in between and they make films about it. They aren’t looking to make a movie for a quick buck or to please the audience’s taste. Everything they do is near and dear to them and I’ve always admired that passion and drive.  

Anyway, on to Holliston featuring Adam Green, Joe Lynch and producer Sarah Elbert

To the non-FearNet owners such as myself, the best way to watch Holliston is to get via ITunes. A dvd is in the works in the near feature but if you don’t want to wait. ITunes that shit.

At the time of this panel, Adam and Joe were waiting to hear if they were getting a second season and just days after this, they did!

And…. my fan girl moment- 

So this concludes myAdventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: C2E2 2012.

I had yet another great time attending C2E2 and I’m looking forward for next year’s event and all the other years to come.

If you live in Chicago, I strongly suggest you make it out to this event. The environment is relaxed, fun and endless amounts of awesome. So do it!

Also, on Wednesdays I’ll be introducing all the cool comics I got my hands on, so look out!

C2E2: My Journey into Comics

I’m not a big comic book person. Don’t get me wrong, the ones I have read, I’ve loved but the fascinating world of comics overwhelm me.

Prior to this weekend, I’ve only been exposed to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, The Walking Dead and Creepy.

Over the weekend I was given the amazing opportunity to attend Chicago’s C2E2 event and dive into the comic scene.

The atmosphere of artists sketching, people without shame in costumes and endless amounts of comics and toys made the geeky girl inside of me all excited-like.

Since I’m a hardcore horror movie geek, I thought I’d use my adventure at C2E2 to start opening up myself more to comics. So I’ve decided to work comics into my “all things horror” mix on the blog.

During my trek around the event, I met a lot of talented artists and writers and I even picked up a few books from them so my journey will soon begin with those.

I know some of my readers are comic book fans so feel free to throw your recommendations my way and I’ll jump all on it!

So folks, stand by while I explore the world comics *insert echo here*

Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: Comic Con ’10


I’ve officially been back from Comic Con for a week now. I’ve been battling a case of being lazy, being ass tired and some laptop issues. On top of that I’ve had over 255 pics to scan through to pick the best ones for the post but now Woot, I am done. Enjoy ya’ll. 


Thursday: Day One

I came into town Wednesday night, a good 6 hours later than I was supposed to so the first thing I did when I landed was…go out drinking with my friends! A minor mistake since I woke up Thursday morning with a pounding headache but I had a convention to attend so I chowed down on some asprins, grabbed my schedule and head over to the convention to check in. Checking in was the first of many lines I spent during my time at CC. I can estimate that I spent 90 percent of my time at CC in a line. True story. 

So after I checked in, I head off to the infamous Hall H to start the day with the Tron panel. Hall H is the biggest hall in the convention and it also has the longest lines. The line to get into heaven is a lot shorter than the line is for Hall H. Hall H is also where all the big, huge Hollywood panels were so people camp out earlier to get in. This was around 9 in the morning, the Tron panel was at 11:15 and before I got even close to H, the panel was full and they weren’t letting anyone in. Wa wa. People left and my main panel for the day was Scott Pilgrim vs The World at 6. I wasn’t about to wait in that line again just to be turned away for the one panel I really wanted to go to that day so I waited. Finally I was able to get in for the next panel Sony’s Salt and Battle: Los Angeles. 

I didn’t have an interest in seeing Salt but for the panel I got to see Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber also joining them were director Phillip Nois and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.





Following was Battle: Los Angeles, a new alien/war scifi action flick. From the trailer it has a minor District 9 feel to it but so I thought it looked pretty cool. This panel included director Jonathan Liebesman, producer Neal Moritz and stars Michelle Rodriquez and Aaron Eckhart.










R.E.D. Panel 

R.E.D. is about old people assassins and panel included the very awesome cast of Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker and writers Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer. 







Next panel: J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon 

*cough my boner dream panel cough*

The geeky girl in me spooged big time for this panel. I’m a fan of Abrams from his work with Lost, Cloverfield, Star Trek, etc and Whedon, well, I can’t describe how this man has toyed with my emotions, fucked with my mind and changed my world. To have these two together was one of the highlights of my night.






The Expendables Panel 

I’m not big on action movies but I’ll have a taste for it every now and then. For this panel there was so much man musk and testy drive in the air that I’m now little jazzed up to see this movie. 

For this panel: Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, and Terry Crews (also Bruce Willis stopped by for a minute to give Sly a hug. Shit was hot!) 











Final Panel: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This panel was a full-blown bag of awesome the stars included: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Brandon Routh, Alison Pill, Ellen Wong, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Mark Webber, Jason Schwartzman, and dressed up as Captain America, Michael Cera. Also the comic book creator Bryan Lee O’Mallery was there, moderating the panel was Edgar Wright *swoon* and for 2.5 seconds, the panel had a cameo by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
















Before the panel, we were given buttons and told to hold on to them and not trade them. Right before the panel ended, Edgar Wright announced that he was doing a special screening for people who had a “1 Up” button, ya’ll guess what button I had in my very hands…

So I followed hundreds of people down the streets of San Diego to track down this theater, we got lost a bunch of times and when hope was lost, we finally found the theater and Edgar Wright was there to greet us. On top of all the greatness, I was able to hug Edgar Wright and *sigh* it was nice. Haha. Scott Pilgrim was damn awesome and I suggest everyone go see. And my review can be found HERE

After the movie, the cast came out for a minute and then Edgar Wright announced that Metric, yes, the band I love and adore was there to performance for us. I’m not ashamed to admit I lost my shit. In May I got to see Metric perform and now I got a chance to see them again, for free and at freakin’ Comic Con. I just can’t even express the amounts to geekiness that exploded from my soul. It was quite glorious. 

This ends day one of Comic Con. 

Friday: Day Two

Hawaii Five-O Panel 

My main focus for the day was The Walking Dead panel but I caught the Hawaii Five-O panel before that so I took pics for that. Here’s Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim.




The Walking Dead Panel

So over a year now friends have been telling me I should be reading The Walking Dead and how I would love it. In May, on free Comic Book Day, I picked up my first trade and I’ve been emotionally invested ever since. If you like zombies and comics, you so have to must, read this comic. Saying that it’s amazing is an understatement and holy shit balls, it’s a pretty fucked up comic as well. After reading #8 I was damaged for a while. Anywayz, if you haven’t heard yet, AMC is making this into a series and those fans of the book have their doubts, I’m completely utterly on board for this.  

For this panel: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, Joel Stillerman, Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Emma Bell, Laurie Holden, and Jon Bernthal. 







Old School American Horror: Hatchet 2 Panel 

My final panel of the night and another favorite, Hatchet 2! I love, love, love the first one and getting to see crazzzyyyy, gory, gruesome clips and death scenes got me very excited for it’s October release. Another great part is, Adam Green was unable to edit it enough to score an R rating so poof, it’s going to be Unrated and hitting up some major theater chain so yeah, awesome! 

For this panel: Adam Green, Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, R.A. Mihailoff, Parry Sheen, AJ Bowen and Rileah Vanderbilt. 












Saturday: Day Three

My Saturday journey was not so crazy. I wasn’t able to get into the Green Latern panel but I did get into Let Me In which was my main panel of the day. 

Let Me In Panel 

It’s universal knowledge that Let The Right One In is one of my absolutely favorite movies like ever. I’m on the fence about the remake and I have hopes that incorporating elements of the book into this Americanized version would be interesting but I still don’t know. I think Chloe Moretz is incredible and I did get a chance to see a few clips and it didn’t completely turn me off so….let’s see how this goes when it come out. 

For this panel: Matt Reeves, Chloe Moretz, Kodi Smith-McPhee and Richard Jenkins. 







The rest of my Saturday was spent frolicking and seeing Scott Pilgrim again with friends. I completely missed out on the stabbing in the face incident! 

Sunday: Day Four

The last day of CC for me was to finally get a chance to walk the floor. The place is damn overwhelming and for the hours I spent attempting to walk around and to see everything, I was not able to cover more than 50 percent of what was there. Woosh. It was a lot. I did get a chance to get stuff so that made me happy. 

The first thing I did was attending a taping of my favorite podcast Geekscape, if ya’ll like comic books, video games and movies and awesome people, go to Geekscape.



I’ve been apart of the ‘Scape forums for a few years now so little did I know I would be thrown on the show. I was there to represent their “Cup the Puss” shirt and to embarrass myself. Haha. I then unknowingly started a “Cup the Puss” trend. (“Cup the puss” is an expression for girls to put the moves on a guy if he isn’t getting the hint. So basically it’s the girl version of “balls up.”) I wore the shirt proudly yet don’t follow it’s advice but I did enjoy the disgusted look at old lady gave me at the hotel restaurant earlier that morning. Moving on…

So, you can check out the episode right here Geekscape! It does take a while to download so I won’t be offended if you don’t watch me play with my hair, giggle and practice waving at the camera. If you want to invest the time, I clock in at the 1:29 mark so enjoy my 5 out of 15 minutes of fame. Haha. 

For the rest of my time, I walked the floor, got my The Walking Dead #9 signed by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard and took a bunch of random pics. 














And that was my Comic Con adventures. Other vacation plans are conflicting with me going next year but this will definitely not be the last year I go to Comic Con. 

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