31 Days of Halloween Recap

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Everyone knows that October is my favorite time of year and my favorite time to binge on horror movies. For the years I’ve had this blog I have been doing my own 31 Days of Halloween to honor the month of horror goodness. Unfortunately for me my entire October plus a few weeks surrounding it I’ve been sick with bronchitis. I have powered through my days watching something horror related but when it came down to expressing my feelings for those things on the blog, the sickness and mix of various cough meds wore me down.

It broke my heart to miss out on a lot of things that October had to offer me but I didn’t want to leave my watches undocumented so I wanted to at least post that here. I’m hoping one day I can revisit some of these and give them the proper reviews they all deserve but in the meantime, here are the remaining days of my 31 Days of Halloween.


Day 19

The Simspsons XXV




Quickie Review: I have officially been bored with The Simpsons but I do look forward to their Halloween specials every year. I’ve been watching them since I was a wee lassie so I can’t quit it. Lately I have found their Treehouse specials lacking and this year was no different. All stories seems to be missing something. I feel as though beyond the clever opening segments, The Simpsons have given up and it showed in this year’s special.



Day 20

Scary Tales


Quickie Review: I love grim fairy tales. They’re fascinating and morbid. Everything my childhood craved. While scanning Netflix I found a short tv series covering the myths of different fairy tales. It was an awesome, random find which I enjoyed.



Day 21

The People Under the Stairs


Quickie: I have nothing but love for this silly little movie.


Day 22

Ikea Halloween Commercial

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I love it when places honor Halloween with commercials. Here’s what Ikea did this year.



Day 23

The Funhouse


Quickie Review: Even though this movie never made too much sense to me, I still enjoy watching it whenever it’s randomly on. Thanks AMC.


Day 24

From Within


Quickie Review: Out the handfuls of After Dark’s 8 Films to Die For, From Within is probably my favorite. A plague of suicides take over a small town threatening to wipe out everyone. After the first year of unsatisfying run of horror films I stopped looking into After Dark’s selection. I caught From Within on tv one day and was instantly hooked. The movie gave me the chills and had one of the best ending I’ve seen.

Day 25

Stephen King’s It



Quickie Review: I’m 33 years old and Pennywise still makes me want to poop my pants in fear.

Day 26

The Simpsons marathon


FXX (FX but extreme) had a day where they played all Treehouse episodes. It was a delight to watch the ones I saw when I was a little kid. Not so much of a delight to see the downfall of the show over the years but still, I enjoyed this day.

Day 27

Visitant (Short film)




A mother protects her children from a demon inside their home.



Day 28

The Car




Quckie Review: A car from hell runs over people. It’s hilarious.




Day 29

20 Different Styles of Thriller 

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Day 30

American Scream


Quickie Review: This was my firs time seeing this doc. I loved seeing all these people geeking out on Halloween decorations and trying to beat out other people. Greatness.



Day 31

The Houses October Built


Quickie: I was saving this watch for Halloween. The found footage angle may be wearing thin in the horror genre, this was still a great creepy look into the world of haunted houses. I really enjoyed this one and thought it was the perfect Halloween viewing.



Hopefully next year stupid illiness won’t prevent me from updating my horror watches but until then I had a great month of movies, shorts and horror randomness.