30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 30- Your Favorite All Time Horror Movie

I recently learned that if you go on a date with a guy and you tell him that you’re into horror movies, he’s going to ask what is your favorite.  If the guy makes you pick “just one” instead of accepting your “top 5,” the relationship will never work because he obviously doesn’t respect you.

It’s truly impossible for me to pick just ONE, I don’t have ONE universal favorite. I have favorites. 

My top 5 favorite movies of all time are: Freaks, The Wicker Man, Let the Right One In, Curdled and Creature from the Black Lagoon. In no order, bam, there it is. Accept it. 

For the past 30 days I have already mentioned all of these movies under various questions so I don’t have one left over to use for this question. So I decided to go with my 6th favorite horror movie of all time, The Bad Seed. 

So for your reading pleasure, my review of The Bad Seed.

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 29- Worst Horror Movie

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I actually watched the entire Dreamcatcher. I tried a couple of times, at least three different times but SHIT WEASELS? Are you kidding me?!

It’s unbelievably hard to take this movie for serious. We all grew up with the notion that aliens would do unspeakable things to our buttholes for the sake of science but not make us a walking whoopee cushions. 

I wasn’t drawn to see this when it came out so I didn’t, then I heard someone mention that aliens gave you diarrhea or some shit (no pun intended or maybe just a little) and they come out your butt. I found this hard to believe so when it came on HBO and I was able to watch it for free and in the privacy of my own home, the reality of this crap movie was true. The alien gave people the shits. I couldn’t watch it beyond the bathroom scene with Jason Lee and that ginger guy who ended up with the stupid British accent. 

And Morgan Freeman…what the hell are you doing in there? I know we all fall on hard times on occasion, hell, I’m not too proud of things that I’ve done but Morgan, how could you? You were supposed to narrate the summary of my life at my funeral not support a movie with ass aliens and play a character with wings on his face! I have to fight the urge to rub this dvd on your face while beating you with a newspaper. 

Can we all just pretend this movie never happened? 

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 28- Horror Film You Like To See Remade/Reboot

Does anyone really sit down, watch a movie then think “Dude, that would be awesome if it were remade!” I really hope not. 

This is a trap question to answer so I’m going to cheat at my answer so bear with me.

I’m picking The Girl Most Likely To… as my remake choice for one very specific reason, I don’t want to pay 50 bucks for the dvd!

So the dvd for this is out of print and if I want to get my hands on it, I have to pay more than it’s worth just to get a tiny thrilled. If the movie is remade, normally people will want to get there hands on the original, the original gets a new dvd release and poof, I get the dvd. I love it when a plan comes together. 

I’ll be honest, this movie isn’t worth wild or remake-worthy but it’s sentimental to me. If you’re from Chicago, then you know of Svengooglie. Well, this was the first movie I watched on the show so it’s all special-like to me…but not 50 bucks special!

So there, I found a cheater way to answer the remake question. Take that *pew pew pew* 

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge Day 27-Your Guilty Pleasure Horror Movie

I think of House II: The Second Story as the Electric Boogaloo of horror sequels.

This follow up is not as good or creepy as the first movie but I’m not ashamed to admit that I adore this movie and I think it’s very underrated. Yes, it’s stupid but it’s stupid fun! Plus it’s got Bill Maher in it as a serious actor. 

How can one not love a movie with Bill Maher in it? How I ask!? 

I enjoy House 2 for everything it was trying to be and I hope that some day it will be greatly appreciated as a horror cult classic of tomorrow. 

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 26- Horror Movie For a Chicken

I don’t know how to gauge someone’s tolerance level for horror movies. I once had a roommate who couldn’t even look at the screen during horror movies. She was nice enough to humor me and go to some movies with me; but she spent the whole time looking at the floor. She’s one of the best people in the world so I let it pass. 

Anyway, there are a lot of watered down horror movies titles I could throw out there to suggest to “chickens of horror” but instead I’m going with Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. 

I utterly love how this film takes on the documentary approach to breaking down the perspective of a killer. The viewers get an inside look on his plans, motivation, and training. It’s kind of brilliant. 

I think this is the perfect movie for chickens to see and realize that hey, not ALL villains are that bad. 


30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 24- A Horror Character That Describes You

This is THE most easily question to answer, like ever.
The first time I watched Curdled, I fell deeply, madly in love with the main character Gabriella basically because she was me.
I mean, she’s taller, has the sexy accent thing working for her plus she can bake but other than those tiny things we’re practically the same person.
Gabriella is a semi-more extreme version than me ( I don’t have a gory scrapbook or a chalk outline on my floor…yet!) but I love her child-like wonder towards death and violence. It makes me giggle just like finding out someone was killed makes her giggle.
But anyway, more on my love for Curdled and Gabriella on a previous post HERE

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 23- A Great Quote from a Horror Movie

So maybe “Plug it up!” isn’t the best quote in horror movie history, but it’s my all time favorite. 

I know what the girls did to Carrie in the shower room was wrong, mean and down right cruel but come on, it’s kind of funny. Whenever I have a bad day, I just think of Carrie getting pelted by tampons while being informed to plug it up and life seems so much better. 

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 22: Best Death Scene

I remember the first time I watched Suicide Club. Going in I knew it was about people senselessly killing themselves but I had no idea that the opening sequence would be so intense and well, awesome!

Since seeing this movie years ago, the beginning of the movie has been burnt into my mind. It easily became my favorite death scene due to the massive amount of blood and gore. 

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge- Day 21- Best Horror Franchise

There are a lot of great horror franchises but I super heart all the Child’s Play movies. Yes, all of them! 

Some horror franchises really don’t know how to stop which causes some of the sequels to be weak sauce. To make up for the weak sauce-ness of the previous movie, they just tack on more movies to make up for it. Awful! 

The Child’s Play movies are endless slaughtering fun. In the first movie Chucky was more scary and serious than he was humorous. He had his moment with flipping off the old lady in the elevator and such but he had a job to do in that movie so it made his character more stern, even with the maniacal laugh. 

In part two Chucky was able to relax more and be himself all while trying to hunt down Andy. It worked in bringing more personality to his character making him a likable evil villain.  

In the third movie, Chucky continues to stalk Andy but learns that he can move on to another little kid. This shows great progression in Chucky’s character and the story line helps the series flow so it’s not all about Chucky’s relationship with Andy. 

In the fourth movie Chucky hooks up with his female counterpart Tiffany and it show’s Chucky’s loving side…ish all while maintaining his brutal killer status. 

In the (maybe) final movie, Chucky and Tiffany become parents are Chucky takes on his manliest role while trying to be a parental figure to a boy…ish. 

Each of the Child’s Play movies shows the evolution of Chucky’s character all while maintaining his purpose to kill. This is why out all of the over done franchises, I love Child’s Play the most.