My Favorite 2012 Movies

Happy New Year folks! Before I officially embrace 2013 I want to take a look back at all my favorites movies of 2012. So here is a list of those movies in no particular order. 

Cabin in the Woods

Five friends take a weekend trip to a remote cabin in the woods. What seems like a fun weekend of drinking, drugs and sex turns deadly when the group awakens a family of killer zombies. 

What I love about Cabin in the Woods, other than my Joss Whedon fan girl hard-on, is that it stretches a typical horror plot and gives it more meaning. I love how it takes viewers behind the scenes and shows us the inner workings to how things can happen in horror movies for the sake of something bigger. 

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Rec 3: Genesis 

A couple’s wedding day turns bloody when the guests are infected with a strange illness. 

Rec 3 takes a new approach from the previous Rec movies by switching from the first person perspective to third person. The viewers are not restricted to the lens of a shaky hand-held camera so it’s refreshing to take in everything that’s happening.

Rec 3 delivered everything I could want from a zombie-esque movie. I got lots of splattery blood, tense moments with specks of humor along with a solid, twisted story. 

Moonrise Kingdom

Set in the 60’s, Sam, an orphan boy scout and Susie, a misunderstood girl, run off to the wilderness to escape their lives and have an adventure. The two kids fall in love but they are separated by the Susie’s parents. They decide to run away again and get married. Awww.

I was whisked away with the enchanting and enduring love between these two kids who felt like it was them against the world. Wes Anderson knows how to capture loving emotion all while sticking with his quirky signature style. Moonrise Kingdom made my heart smile so I loved it. 


Three high school students come across an object that gives them superpowers. At the time, one of them is documenting his life via video camera so from then on he records the advancements in their powers. 

I thought this movie was going to be a water-downed found footage episode of Heroes but I wanted to check it out anyway. To my surprise it ended up being an intensely great little flick highlighting the downfalls of being powerful. 

Chronicle is the most underrated movie on this list. 


Norman is an outcast amongst his family and kids at school. He has the unfortunate gift of being able to communicate with the dead. Norman gets a warning that he must perform a ritual to stop a witch from raising the dead. When things don’t work out with the ritual Norman, his family, friends and his bully must battle the zombies to save their town. 

When the opening credits began I knew I was going to fall deeply in love with this movie. Surprisingly this isn’t just a kid’s movie. It appeals to a lot of horror fans of all ages. 

The Raid: Redemption

A SWAT team with the plan to take down an apartment complex filled with mobsters and criminals, find themselves trapped, battling for their lives. 

Sometimes I enjoy watching action movies where things blow up and people get kicked in the face. The Raid gave me more than just mindless entertainment. The film offers a engaging plot with nonstop thrills and intense violence. 

The Raid gave me a face full of awesome. 

Killer Joe

Chris, a drug dealer who has a large debt to settle, plots to have his mother killed to collect on her insurance money. The contract killer, known as Killer Joe, retains Chris’ sister until the insurance money comes through so Joe can get paid off for his services. 

Now that the dust has settled on my dizzy mind after seeing this, I can fully appreciate Killer Joe for the deep fried mind fuck that it is. 

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A true crimes writer moves his family into the home of a crime scene. He wants to have the feel of the murders that occurred in the home while writing about the events that led up to the incident. While moving in, he finds footage of the family along with other families being brutally murdered. 

Sinister offered me the scares and uneasy feeling I miss from horror movies today. 

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A disturbed high school girl dreams of being a famous surgeon. Her fantasies collide with the real world which fuel her twisted desires and drives her to do insane things. 

Excision is one of those films that stuck with me after I watched it. It gave me a disheartening feeling that was hard to shake off. 

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Django Unchained 

A slave, turned bounty hunter ventures out to Mississippi to save his wife from a cruel plantation owner. 

I was able to squeeze this film in before the end of the year and I’m glad I did. As much as I loved this film for it’s compelling story, what I loved about it the most was the performance of Christoph Waltz. Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio’s performances were amazing yet underwhelming while Waltz was on the screen. I could have watched his character alone for the entire film and still enjoyed it. But overall, Django Unchained does not lack the greatness that Quentin Tarantino brings to all of his films. It was the best film to end in 2012. 

And now with 2012 behind us all, I welcome 2013 and all the movies to come! Woot!