Halloween 2018 Review

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When news of a new Halloween movie dropped there was no hiding my excitement for it.

Sure, I’ve been burned before with Halloween: Ressurection and Rob Zombie’s Halloweens (Sorry but I didn’t like any of these) but I still showed up for them.

When Halloween‘s trailer was first released I probably watched it 10 times that day. I remember pulling myself away from my work desk so I can watch it somewhere private and I can remember all the happy happy joy joy feelings I had when I saw it.


And here we are. I finally saw Halloween 2018.

Ok so let’s get into this.

Was this the perfect follow up to the original ’78 Halloween? Meh, not completely. Was it a damn good, bloody fun time? Oh hell yeah it was!


So Halloween takes place following a storyline like all the other sequels never happened. Think of Halloween: H20 only Laurie had a daughter instead of a son and her life is more hermit-like and filled with paranoia.

Laurie spent her whole life after the night that Micheal attacked her preparing herself for his return. This obsession with Michael destroyed any chance she had to live a normal life and it damaged the relationship she has with her family.

So after all these years, old ass Michael is going to be transferred to a new prison where he’s going to spend the rest of his years and the transfer is going to happen the night before Halloween, because….the plot’s gotta plot.

So Michael breaks out (sorry if that’s a spoiler for you but yeah we knew it was coming).


Now here’s where Halloween gets odd for me as a fan of the franchise. The movie doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a comedy or a horror movie. At some times it felt a little force and slightly awkward. It was an added value to the fun of the movie and of course, it’s a great tension breaker but still, it was a little odd at times.

So I’m going to be as vague as humanly possible here but I have to call out the Dr. Loomis replacement person. No one can fully capture the greatness of Donald Pleasence’s performance and that’s just something we’re going to have to deal with but this stand in secondary character added to the oddity of the story. I’m going to leave it at that so after you see the movie if you feel the same way, come hit me up for a chat so we can get into it real deep.


But let’s just get down to the heart of Halloween. There were a lot of beautiful little nods to the original movie, a little Halloween 2 in there and a splash of part 3.

Jamie Lee Curtis was of course effin’ fantastic and I’m so damn happy she rolled up into another sequel because we needed it in our lives.

Fans of the Halloween franchise should be walking out feeling satisfied and horror movies fan, in general, are going to have a thrilling experience.

Halloween is finally out tonight folks so go honor the holiday by seeing this movie!

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