31 Days of Halloween: Day 1: Cabin in the Woods



I always want to make my first horror movie of the October super special. Something a little fun or unique, something just right for the holiday season.


I turned to Facebook for some help because I was stuck between Cabin the Woods and Drag me to Hell. Well, if the headline didn’t already spoil it for you. Cabin in the Woods won with 67 percent of the votes!



Cabin in the Woods poll


I love movies like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie, Scream and The Final Girls, movies that break down the paint-by-numbers aspect of horror movies.




Cabin in the Woods has the facade of a standard horror movie. We have the typical college kids spending the weekend in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere and boom something horror-y is going to happen to them.

The magic of the plot is that these college kids are a part of a greater plan that involves the end of the world.


It’s kind of brilliant.


.All of these college kids (the virgin is optional) have to die in a horror movie scenario or else, we all die. Yup, all of us!


Cabin in the Woods makes me think of all horror movies in a different light. It’s structural perfection for genre fans.




If you haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods yet, check it out! It’s greatly unique, bloody ridiculous and there’s a Meriman in it.



I may do more voting throughout the month, so if you’re not already following me on Facebook, please do!


Always Look Behind You and Do Not Read the Latin! 

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