I’m The Only Person Who Doesn’t Love Hereditary



“The Scariest Movie of 2018”
“A Horror Masterpiece”
Me:” … ugh…. meh.”

Ok, first let me just say, sorry.

Horror/scary movies are my jam. I’m not a snooty hater, I swear!

With that said, I have to be honest, Hereditary didn’t do it for me.

I was able to see this before the recent hype took off and I didn’t see a full trailer at this point so I went into this screening excited, curious and ready to have my mind blown.


First, props to Toni Collette and her outstanding performance. She made me endlessly uneasy, uncomfortable and she kind of scared the shit out of me.

The film had some great moments that were very effective in creeping out the audience and getting a gasping reaction.

I was all about this film….until the last 20 minutes.

When things fell into place and the story reached its climax, I was tragically disappointed. Suddenly three different movies within the last few years came to mind which had a similar feel to Hereditary‘s story.



My heart just really wanted something original, something that was going to torment my mind and dreams for days…something other than what I got. To be fair, I did not have any direct expectations for this film and I did not need it to satisfy my personal taste. I just really wanted something more unique for the end. I’m a simple gal who never asks for too much in life.

At the end of the day, despite my personal feelings, I think Hereditary was really well made and I think people should check it out to endure a wild movie experience.

Sorry Hereditary, can we still be friends?


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