31 Days of Halloween: Day 1: Popcorn

I always want to start my 31 Days of Halloween off with a movie that is special to me and one that will also get me in the mood for the month.
This year, Popcorn was my desired choice.
 I am attending a 24-hour horror marathon this weekend so I thought Popcorn would get me into the spirit of the occasion. And it did!
1991 was the year of Child’s Play 3, The Addams Family, The People Under the Stairs, Freddy’s Dead, The Silence of the Lambs and Ernest Scared Stupid so great movies like Popcorn did not get a chance to fully shine.
I don’t remember the first time I watched Popcorn but I remember that “in love” feeling I had when it was done.
So here is the quick synopsis for anyone who has not seen/heard of Popcorn.
College film students want to raise money for their department and future films so they throw together a William Castle-esque horror marathon. Sounds awesome, does it? Well, it is until a killer shows up. The students behind the fest are being hunted by this killer who can wear anyone’s face! Yes like a Hannibal/Leatherface mofo!
I think the main reason why I love Popcorn so much is not just because the story is fun and the casting is terrific but because for me it embodies the love of people who love horror movies!
Yeah, it’s cool that a killer steals faces and at one point kills someone with a giant mosquito but I love the atmosphere the movie has with crowds of people enjoying cheesy horror movies. My people!
Popcorn definitely hits a special place in my heart and thank you Synapse Films for appreciating the movie enough to release a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. 
If you have never seen Popcorn before I can’t recommend it enough to anyone.
Can you feel the love!?

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