Get On “Get Out”




I have to admit, when I heard about a horror movie coming out made by comedian Jordan Peele, I brushed it off as another paroady-esque movie. Two weeks ago when I decided to actually sit down and watch the trailer I found that I instantly became intrigued about what the movie was about and if Peele can pull off a serious horror movie.


To answer the big question, did Peele successfully honor the horror genre? I’m happy to say he did.


Get Out focuses on a “meet the parents” type of setting but the normal nervousness and insecurities are wrapped around the racial difference between the lead male Chris and his girlfriend Rose’s rich, suburban parents.

Chris has mentally prepared himself to be the “first black guy” Rose is taking home and Rose tries to ease him into the situation by letting him know that her dad would have voted for Obama three times if he could.

As audience members we know that something else is going on and Chris is going to end up in some kind of danger. sub-buzz-27097-1475767948-1

It’s easy to pick up what is happening to the other non-white people in the story but the unsettling  intentions behind why the town is doing what they are doing is where the true horror comes into play.

One of the things that I deeply loved about Get Out was that it reminded me so much of movies like The Wicker Man (one of my top five favorite films of all time, ever). I love movies where the character is a fish out of water trying to survive while being in unknown elements. Get Out  not only captures that hopeless and dreadful feeling of not knowing what the end result of everything will be but the story also flows while having a tight grip on the audience.

I was also pleased that the comedy aspects were peppered in instead of having it overshadow or undermine the development of the story. I feel like Peele stayed faithful to his comedy roots while respecting the horror genre.

Overall, Get Out delivered everything I wanted in a well-made horror movie. It was clever, chilling and a lot of fun.


Get Out is in theaters today, and highly recommended by me.






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