Mask Appreciation: Scream


In honor of Scream’s 20th Anniversary coming up this year, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the mask that started it all.

The Ghost Face mask, inspired by The Scream painting by Edvard Munch made it’s first appearance on screen (and in my heart) in 2006.


In the first film, we were introduced to the Ghost Face character by his love of horror trivia and his blood lust for high school teens.


In the second film, the mask became less scary (at least for me) yet the fear of who or whom beyond the mask still gave the appeal of anxiety every time the Ghost Face killer was on screen.


By the time Scream 3 rolled out, the mask symbolized more than a vicious killer(s). The mask made us wonder for the whole running time of the film, “Who is the killer?!” The mask represented a few characters we questioned along the way and it built excitement when it finally came off.


Scream 4, and the final (as of yet) focused more on the new rules of a newer generation. This sequel reached the point where the mask lost the edge on being scary yet it still triggered the dreadful question, “Who’s the killer!?!” or Killers.

The Ghost Face mask may not give me the chills anymore, but it did represent the lost art of “who’s behind the mask” slasher genre of the olden days I’ve missed from movies like Prom Night and Alice, Sweet, Alice. Though like any kind of sub-genre horror movie, the trend can get out of hand *cough, zombie movies cough* I do appreciate Scream and the Ghost Face mask for bringing it back.


So folks, what’s your favorite horror movie mask?

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