10 Cloverfield Lane Review



Before I sat down to write this review, I saw a newer trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane on tv. It was trailer I haven’t seen before and I was shocked to see that it revealed something that I felt was too much of a spoiler.


One of the most appealing aspects to 10 Cloverfield Lane is not knowing much about what’s going on until you experience it while watching the film. This review will not ruin that experience.


For months I have been excited for 10 Cloverfield Lane to be released mainly because I loved Cloverfield and I wanted to know how these two films relate. Another reason why I was so hard up about this film was because I love monster movies so I thought to myself “yay, another monster movie!”


I did have this fear of being disappointed. I feared that maybe the film would end in a “it was all a dream” or another let down movie ending scenio. I’m happy to say I was not let down.


As I continue to keep this review spoiler-less here are some things I can tell you.



This film is all over the place. Normally when I state that about any movie I really mean that it’s a “hot mess,” but in 10 Cloverfield Lane’s case, it kept me overly engaged and anxious. The tone bounces around to scary, funny, tense, light-hearted and disturbing. I couldn’t grasp onto a solid emotion without being thrown into a new one.


It’s no surprise that John Goodman delivers an incredible performance. His character’s actions and questionable frame of mind plays into the ambiguity surrounding the story. This is my first time seeing John Gallagher Jr. in any role but I found that the off balance personalities between him and Goodman’s character added to the tension that was already built with the circumstances of the plot. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a phenomenal lead but I did find that Goodman and Gallagher Jr’s outshined her when the three shared the screen.



Another thing that I would like to share, and it made me pleased is the pace of the film. You don’t have to wait until the end to get a snippet of truth about what’s going on in the outside world. Throughout the whole film you will have a lot of questions about certain things but the anticipation of not knowing the whole story until the end is the true experience of the film.
As I’ve said to people who wanted to know my thoughts about this film with respect of no spoilers, “10 Cloverfield Lane can’t be explained. It has to be EXPERIENCED.” So go experience this film!


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