Comet Channel Now Streaming Live!



While I was visiting my family in New Orleans for Christmas, I saw a promo for a new channel called Comet 

The promo took me back to the early Sci-fi Channel days. (Yes I’m old enough to remember when Sci-fi Channel premiered and when it was called “Sci-fi Channel”)

When I got home to Chicago I saw that my cable network didn’t carry Comet and my nerdy heart broken.

It kind of sucks to know that there’s a channel out there that will probably air a lot of things I’d love to watch and yet I’ll never be able to experience it… UNTIL NOW!

Comet announced on Facebook that they are now streaming the channel LIVE. Yes, you can watch it right now!

If  you want to check out this channel and get some nostalgic sci-fi in your face, watch it live below!

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