31 Days of Halloween: Day 16: Rob Zombie’s Halloween


I remember when I first heard that Rob Zombie was going to make Halloween. I was half excited half nervous about it. I hated House of 1000 Corpses but I loved what he did with Devil’s Rejects. I thought if Rob Zombie did this right, it would turn out great. The one and only thing I was hoping was that he didn’t take the hick route to Michael’s back story and stick with the original image of the sweet looking boy in a clown costume standing outside of his nice house in a nice looking neighborhood. I was all like “Please Rob, don’t do the typical “he came from a bad home so that’s why he turned back” story. And yet, that’s what Rob did.


There is a lot about Halloween that worked against everything I wanted in this remake and maybe that’s why I didn’t care for it very much. One of course is the above mentioned white trash aspect. There was a wasted opportunity to explore another reason why Michael snapped (let’s skip over the reason in Halloween 6: Curse of Michael Myers) and Rob didn’t do anything with that chance. Boo. Secondly, I don’t think Rob Zombie can write teenage girl dialogue very well. A lot of lines were cringe-worthy and kind of stupid.  I was very close with my mother but would never flaunt bagels around my boobs and talk about the neighbor molesting me. WTF was that?!

girls walking

I have always loved that Rob Zombie was hardcore in horror movies and had a deep rooted love for the black and white classics but ugh he broke my heart with this.

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