31 Days of Halloween: Day 14: Ticks


In a time when almost every creepy bug has been enlarged and put in some kind of horror/sci-fi movie, ticks seemed to have gone under the radar… that is until 1993 when the movie Ticks came out.


A group of troubled teens are brought into the woods to get in touch with nature which apparently cures you from being a bad teenager. Little do they know there are mutant, giant ticks in the woods trying to suck their blood till they die!

Here is the plus and minus with these mutated ticks, the plus is when they bite you, you get super high! Like, whoa man! I’m all about that. The minus is that they want to kill you and they like to fly at your face and stuff. Not cool.


Ticks is one of those really bad b-movies that I adore so much.

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