31 Days of Halloween: Day 9: Knock, Knock


Eli Roth has a rep for being kind of a douche but that has never stopped me from enjoying most of his films. I thought that Knock, Knock was going to be something that I would find intriguing and I was kind of hoping to maybe see Keanu Reeves naked, but then I was disappointed in every way.knockknockheader

Keanu Reeves plays Evan, a loving husband who is left home alone for a weekend to catch up on some work. On his first night alone his solitude is interrupted by two hot chicks lost and stuck in the rain. Being a nice guy and all Evan invites them in to get warm, get their clothes dry and to get them a cab.

While getting to know each other to pass the time the girls put out major “DO ME” vibes which is understandable because hello, Keanu Reeves! But as Evan, the again, nice guy, he wouldn’t want to do anything to mess up his sweet family life. Well, that is until he screws both girls which pretty much is the end all to any family life. His indiscretion turns into a nightmare fueled by two stupid and immature psychopaths.


Knock, Knock was over the top and the acting on all parts were quite embarrassing. There is a scene with Keanu towards the end of the movie that made me look away from my tv. Not because it was gruesome or the violence was too much to bear, it was because my face couldn’t handle the horrible acting. Come on Keanu, you’re better than this .


I feel that since Hostel, Roth is forever trying to make it up to people by featuring more female leads in powerful positions such as what he did with Hostel 2. The females in Knock, Knock did have all the power of their male counterpart but they were too annoying and pointless for me to care. I kind of wanted to punch them in the face a lot.

Knock, knock was disappointing nonsense with no naked Keanu Reeves. Super fail.

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