31 Days of Halloween: Day 8: Wrong Turn


Sometimes I think I have unreasonable fears. I know it maybe crazy to think that there’s a ghost in my apartment sometimes or that aliens will get me or that I’ll be in a restaurant and trip and fall face first on a hibachi grill (Now that it happened to Tori Spelling I know it’s a legit fear to have.) And my other fear of never wanting to go into the woods because of hillbilly cannibals. That’s a thing that probably isn’t a real thing but still, I’m afraid.


In Wrong Turn, six people are stuck in the woods fighting for their lives against gross, inbred cannibals.

Wrong Turn increased my fear because these yokels were stealthy as hell! They can climb trees, and hack your face off with one swing and they can drive cars. Why are these mutants able to drive!?!


I know when I watched this there was a part of me that said “Nicki, this doesn’t happen in real life. If you end up in the woods the only thing that will eat you are the bugs and maybe a lion. Stop freaking out.” But then the other part of me thought “yeah! That’s what those people thought too before they ran into these cannibals! Shut up logical me!”

Maybe I need to listen to logical me a little more often but at the end of the day Wrong Turn taught me to never take short cuts, like, ever and stay out of the woods just in case.

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