31 Days of Halloween: Day 7: American Horror Story: Hotel


Dear AHS,


Forever confused,



I loved all the different themes of the American Horror Story series. I fear the day the writers run out of ideas for a theme and the show starts losing its luster. After the first episode of Hotel I’m starting to worry that maybe we’re reaching that point. At first glance Hotel is all over the place. There’s vampires (?) and … ghosts(?) I don’t really know at this point. The only thing that was clear to me about this episode is that it made my butthole squirm. I do have a “Ok, let’s see where this is going,” habit so it hasn’t completely turned me off from continuing the series to find out WTF? To all the questions I have. Are those people really vampires? What’s up the ghost kids? And the drill…thing…? Oh and is this serial killer trying to copy the movie Seven? I’m willing to give Hotel a chance to impress me and give me faith that this show can still keep its momentum going. To be continued…

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