31 Days of Halloween: Day 5: The Nightmare

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Some nights I suffer from restless leg syndrome. It’s kind of a pain in the ass…or leg, I guess. Sometimes when I go to sleep I feel like something is crawling on my leg. There have been times when I felt like something like a spider or bug bit me. I toss and turn a lot. I scratch my legs or I’ll jerk awake when I feel like I was bit. I’ve even checked my bed for bedbugs or some sign that doesn’t make me feel like I’m crazy. There’s never anything there just my legs messing with my head.

My experiences with this sleeping problem is more annoying than anything else. It has not scared me or scarred me for life so I get by. Little did I know there are other people out there with bigger sleeping problems.


I had heard of sleep paralysis before but I didn’t know the scary details of the experience until I saw the trailer for The Nightmare. 

The Nightmare is a documentary about people sharing their frightening experiences that comes along with sleep paralysis.

I watched this on Netflix (now streaming) right before I went to bed thinking that maybe just maybe I’d get a scare but that’s not quite what happened.


Yes, some of the things these people talked about seemed scary especially with the visuals added to their stories. The thing that annoyed me is that I kind of believe one guy made up his story. At first I thought he was confusing an alien abduction with sleep paralysis then his stories were all over the place. I went from “Wow, if that happened to me I would shit myself!” to “Yeah, dude, you’re making that up.”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe people who suffer from this condition do experience things that are unexplained and terrifying but I also believe that this one person in the doc just straight up made some shit up which took away from my viewing experience.

Maybe I’m just being a jerk about it or maybe they needed a filler for the doc but yeah, see for yourself and get back to me.

Other than that The Nightmare was enjoyable on a creepy level.

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