31 Days of Halloween: Day 4: The Roost


I grew up in a time when I could stay up late on Saturday nights and watch tv hosts like Joe Bob Briggs and Morgus the Magnificent (New Orleans based) feature B-horror movies while having little interjections in between. It was a great duo experience to have the exposure of random horror movies with enjoying the journey with a horror loving host.


The Roost portrays that experience for us who have sentimental love for the time of tv hosts and unknown horror movies.

The Roost begins with a host of Frightmare Theatre featuring a tale about four friends traveling down and dark and lonely road on their way to a wedding. A typical format for a lot of horror movies and the plot, well, that’s textbook horror as well.


The group’s car breaks down and they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. What seems like a frustrating night turns into a fight for their lives. The group is attacked by killer bats that turns their victims into zombies! Yes, zombies!


Though The Roost does suffer from being like all other average horror movies, that’s actually the beauty of it. Ti West has a way of taking classic movie themes and giving them a breath of fresh air. While watching The Roost you kind of know these characters aren’t going to make it till day time but yet it was fun to see them try. Ti West proves that he loves the horror genre by giving his audience the experience of the film’s atmosphere and the characters thoughts and feelings.

As West’s first feature film I think it deserve a lot of appreciation of his skills and passion for the horror genre.

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