31 Days of Halloween: Day 3: Dr. Giggles


I can’t believe there was once a time when Dr. Giggles freaked me out. He broke into your house, did weird medical stuff to you and he would laugh about it the whole time! *shudder*


Like the taste of beer I learned to enjoy Dr. Giggle in my old age. I realized now that Dr. Giggles isn’t someone to be scared of, he’s someone who is effin’ hilarious! I have to say I’m quite the fan of puns and one-liners and Dr. Giggles is well, the doctor of puns and one liners.

Dr. Giggles is an escape mental patient with the urge to be a real doctor. He stalks the small town of Moorehigh looking for people to “help.” When he comes across teenager Jennifer who suffers from a heart problem, Dr. Giggles remembers his dear mother with the same condition so he wants to help Jen out. Of course by help I mean he kills all of her friends and steals their hearts in order to give her some half-assed transplant.


There is something disturbing about someone who makes jokes while they’re trying to kill you yet Dr. Giggles is more fun loving about it. If I were in a horror movie situation where I had to be killed by someone, I would want it to be him. He could stab me with a screwdriver and say something clever like “You’re screwed!” I would LOL while I was dying. I think that’s the way to go if you’re going to go in a horror movie.

I’m glad I revisited Dr. Giggles because now I can brush off all the fears I had of him when I was younger and appreciate the humor he brings to horror.

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