31 Days of Halloween: Day Two: Chopping Mall


I was once that teenager who spent all my time outside of school and home at the mall. I liked walking around with my friends, having the endless varieties at the food court and just the fun loving vibe it gave me back in the day. Ah good times.

Because the mall was once a loved pastime, there needs to be a horror movie about it right? Insert CHOPPING MALL here.

CHOPPING MALL is the typical 80’s horror themed movie where sex-crazed teenagers get chased by some killer until the one reasonable virgin lives till the end to kill said killer. The beauty of CHOPPING MALL is the setting is a mall instead of a cabin in the woods or a house and the killer is killer robots! ROBOTS!

CHOPPING MALL has its faults. There’s no actual chopping and it’s a nonsense horror movie but I can be easily won over with robots that are all like *pew pew pew* in any movie.

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