31 Days of Halloween: Day One: The Stuff


I love junk food! I love candy and chips and pretty much anything in a bag that can last through a nuclear apocalypse. Mmmmm processed junk <drool> I know it’s not good for me and I know that a carrot or two wouldn’t hurt me much but why is it that bad things taste so good?!

When I decided to re-watch THE STUFF after many years I noticed how much it focuses on America’s need for tasty junk and how it will consume us all! And in the movie’s case, LITERALLY!


THE STUFF is mysterious goo bubbling out of the ground enticing people to try it. Which apparently people try and love. It looks like delicious marshmallow richness and the plus side is, it has no calories and is good for you! The bad news is, it turns you into a mindless zombie and it eats up your insides until there is nothing left. Fair trade.

When I first saw THE STUFF as a kid, I thought it was kind of gross that people where eating some white goop from the dirty ass ground then selling it to the general public. Back then I was watching a fun horror movie where people get killed by a dessert monster. Watching THE STUFF now as an adult that is trying to be more mindful of things I put in my body, THE STUFF isn’t just an enjoyable horror movie. It’s a revelation!


Having to be more health conscious in my old age, I look at labels, cook more than I order out, have a slice of cake instead of eating the whole thing. Typical adult stuff. THE STUFF touches on how people over indulge on things that taste good regardless of the long term effects, such as having the stuff eat up your insides then pour out of all of your holes. Not the greatest thing to think about when you’re going down on a pint of ice cream of shoving that third slice of pizza down your face hole.

Here I was sitting on my couch excited to watch THE STUFF again and by the end of it I wanted to re-think all the junk that I loved so much. Yes it’s filled with fat and calories and all other things that makes it oh so good but THE STUFF taught me that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Who would have thought that I would learn a life lesson from a cheesy but loved horror movie?


I wanted to start off my 31 Days of Halloween with a memorable, old school movie I loved as a kid but as it finished I didn’t have those same fond memories I did as a kid. Instead I had to re-think my diet plan, put away my peanut butter cookies and chocolate milk and consider switching over to an apple and green tea. Bravo STUFF, you scared me now more than you did when I was a kid.

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