Why You Should Visit” The Visit”


When it comes to M. Night Shyamlan movies the audience knows that some sort of twist ending will be involved. It worked out great for him in “The Sixth Sense” and it was passable in “Unbreakable” then it got old fast. His latest movie “The Visit” suffers from M. Night’s reputation of surprise endings yet, it’s a good movie!

Becca and Tyler are excited to meet their grandparents for the first time. Their mother had a rebellious side when she was younger which lead to her estrange relationship with her parents. Everyone agreed that it was time for the kids to finally meet the grandparents and Becca is eager to make a documentary about their experience.


When Becca and Tyler meet their Nana and Pop Pop they get the royal grandparents treatment: warm hugs, baked goods, and endless amounts of food. The kids instantly bond with their grandparents but slowly realize that they have some odd traits. They brush it off as typical old people behavior but the things the grandparents do and say get weird and creepy.


And here is the problem with going into an M. Night movie. You know things are never the way it seems so you look for clues. When you look for clues during “The Visit” it becomes very obvious what’s likely going on. And here is why “The Visit” worked, the kids are funny and likeable and the grandparents are unpredictable and chilling at times. You may be able to pick up the end result of the movie but it doesn’t take away from enjoying the progression to the end.

M. Night may not be able to shake off the stigma of trying to surprise his audience but “The Visit” offers a thrilling and fun experience that anyone can enjoy.

The Visit” is in theaters today, go check it out!

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