The Gallows: Review


There are a lot of horror movies out there that are not overly marketed or well-known enough for people to want to see. Unfortunately this leads to those movies falling under the radar or being overlooked.

The Gallows is one of those movies.

As a horror fan who will watch anything I come across I must admit that I didn’t think much of The Gallows at first glance. It’s easy to pass on a teen based horror movie that is also found footage. Thankfully I gave it a chance and it ended up being one of those most entertaining horror movies I’ve seen this year.


The Gallows begins with footage of a high school play from 20 years ago. An accident causes a kid to die a horrible death which opens up the story of the play’s return in today’s time.

The first part of The Gallows is a comical look of carefree teens enjoying their laid back high school days. Watching the four main characters Reece, Ryan, Cassidy and Pfeifer prep for the play during the day offers the audience an easy feeling before the rest of the movie takes on a frightening turn. TG-FP-036

When the four end up being stuck at the school at night, eerie things start happening around them. They soon discover the school is haunted and something doesn’t want them to leave alive.

The Gallows offers everything I want in any horror movie, scares and a story. A lot of movies lose sight in trying to overly scary the audience while lacking in the story. I was pleased that I walked out of The Gallows feeling the chills of the all creepy scenes and feeling very satisfied with the end result of the story.


The Gallows may suffer falling into the cracks of the horror genre but I do feel like it’s a movie that horror fans can appreciate and enjoy.

Check out The Gallows in theaters now.

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