Thank You Xfinity. You Get Me


Last night I saw an Xfinity commercial that looked liked it was taken straight out of my life!

Here’s the description of the commercial:  A couple comes back from a date. The girl excuses herself for a minute and tells her date to make himself at home. He’s excited to discover that she has X1 from Xfinity — that is until he starts scrolling through her just recorded programs and recently watched movies that include “Gone Girl,””Basic Instinct,””Misery,””Fatal Attraction,””Monster” and “How to Get Away With Murder.” So when she finally comes back, he’s a little jumpy.

Horror fans, can you relate to this or what? For a minute there I thought that the commercial hacked into my TiVo and broadcasted my list. I must admit, it looks like similar to what I have on there.

Watch the commercial HERE

Sometimes I understand that being a woman who is hardcore into horror can be… well… scary to some men but it’s good to know that Xfinity gets me.

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