Jurassic World Review

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Twenty years ago I remember walking into my first IMAX movie to watch a little dinosaur movie known as Jurassic Park. As a 12 year-old girl who loved monster movies, Jurassic Park filled my face with excitement and magic. At the time I didn’t care about the moral aspects of bring dinosaurs back to Earth, I just wanted to see dinosaurs chase people, fight each other and eat a guy off the toilet. What can I say, I like the simple things. Jurassic Park earned its place in my heart and even now I can still appreciate the feeling it gave me as a kid.

Two sequels later, Jurassic Park lost some of its charm and “ooohh and ahhh” and it’s been almost 15 years since the last one. Until now.


Jurassic World takes place almost as if the last two movies never happened. After Jurassic Park failed to open due to dinosaurs issues, Jurassic World expanded on the idea with much more success. The general public can go to Jurassic World and have a full-on dinosaur adventure. Kids can enjoy the petting zoo, everyone can see a water show or ride along with the less vicious dinosaurs. Who wouldn’t want to go to this even with that minor mishap at Jurassic Park? The problem that Jurassic World seems to suffer is that people have become jaded with seeing dinosaurs. The appeal of seeing creatures that are not supposed to be alive has dwindled and it’s effecting sales. In attempt to keep people coming to World, the money driven corporation people running World think it’s a great idea to make a new, scarier dinosaur.


This new hybrid dinosaur is smart and bloodthirsty. And of course in good Jurassic Park fashion, she gets out of containment and eats a bunch of people. This is when the running and screaming begins.


Jurassic World gave me the fun feeling I’ve been missing since the first movie. The only thing that I didn’t care for much was humanizing raptor dinosaurs not just for the people going to the theme world but for the audience. For those who have seen the trailer with Chris Pratt riding on a bike with raptors by his side, I’m sure you all thought the same thing I did, “Why aren’t they ripping his hot face off!?” Well, that is explained and it works in the movie but for me, I thought it was too much of a way to give the audience the feels. Not quite my cup of tea but maybe my 12 year-old self would have adored it and I’m sure the kids in the theater will as well.

What my adult, horror loving self did enjoy was the amount of blood splatter and dinosaurs being dinosaurs action going on. I had a moment when I thought “Wait, that’s more blood than I’ve seen in a P-13 horror movie!” As a horror fan it did heighten the viewing for me.

Overall all I wanted out of Jurassic World was an amusing dinosaur movie that had chaotic entertainment and I walked out of the theater pleased.

Jurassic World opens it’s door in theaters tomorrow and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loved the first movie or to anyone who wants to have a fun movie experience.

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