Horror Happenings: February


Looking for a place to get your geeky fix? Well, look no further! I rounded up some conventions and other events going on during February! Get your cameras and 8×10’s ready!

Days of the Dead 12

FEBRUARY 6 – 8, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia
Sheraton Atlanta, 165 Courtland Street NE

Meet Angus Scrimm, Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander. Or go for The Devil’s Rejects and Hellraiser reunions!
Or just go for a bloody good time!

More information HERE


Bates: An 80s Musical ‘Psycho’ Parody
Feb 4 – Feb 28, 2015
Chicago, IL
Public House

“Bates: An 80s Musical ‘Psycho’ Parody” is a twisted love story opening just in time for Valentine’s Day! So audiences who want something a little more heart-pounding can get their fix with the sweet-faced serial killer who embodies the saying, “A boy’s first love is his mother.”

Wed, Feb 4: 8:00pm
Fri, Feb 6: 10:00pm
Sat, Feb 7: 10:00pm
Fri, Feb 13: 10:00pm
Sat, Feb 14: 10:00pm
Fri, Feb 20: 10:00pm
Sat, Feb 21: 10:00pm
Fri, Feb 27: 10:00pm
Sat, Feb 28: 10:00pm

Box Office: 800-650-6449


Scream/Friday the 13th Drinking Game
February 8th
Chicago, IL
Quenchers Saloon

I will be co-hosting this event so come out and have fun with me!

Facebook event page HERE 


FEBRUARY 6 – 10, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel and Conference Center, 03 France St.

An icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world famous Canal Street, The Haunted Mortuary is an architecturally stunning manor located less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter. This magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and actually operated for over 80 years as real mortuary. This actively-haunted, 14,000 square foot, 3-story mansion, is surrounded by New Orleans Cities of the Dead.

For HAuNTcon 2015, The Mortuary will be home to the conference wrap party, which includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, a live DJ, and a tour of the building’s basement haunted attraction. Guests will also get to tour a sampling of Santa’s Secret Workshop, the venue’s Christmas event, held every holiday season. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to network and tour the actually haunted Mortuary Haunted house!

More information HERE 

Mad Mobster

FEBRUARY 13 – 15, 2015
Chicago, Illinois
Hilton Chicago Hotel, 720 S Michigan Ave

The Mad Mobster True Crime and Horror Expo is coming to Chicago Friday the 13th of February, 2015, Commemorate the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on its anniversary weekend. Immerse yourself in the most shocking and disturbing true crime cases in history with the people that lived through them first hand. Meet the actors that brought some of these notorious characters to life on the screen as well as those that were inspired by them to create their own disturbing horror fiction.

More information HERE

shock pop comiccon

FEBRUARY 13 – 15, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Broward County Convention Center

Shock Pop Comic Con is a pop culture / anime / cosplay / comic con convention that is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They will be showcasing dozens of cosplay and costuming events over the course of the 3 day weekend. In addition, Shock Pop Comic Con always brings in a roster of guest creators and / or celebrities for attendees to meet. Special attention is given to keeping the convention fun and accessible to families with low admission. Come join us at our next event! Where else in the world will you see Hobbits, Superheros, Jedi, Demons, Angels and perhaps a Wizard?

More information HERE 

walker stalker

FEBRUARY 21 – 22, 2015
Chicago, Illinois
Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave.

Walker Stalker Con is the fruit of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric. The podcast began with an amazing trip to Senoia, GA where James & Eric were able to view the set of The Walking Dead and meet the incredible actors from the show. As a result of this experience, a podcast began and then the idea of a convention focused around recreating that same experience with the cast and crew of the show, along with talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art.

Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is three days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

I will be at this event so look out for my coverage!

More information HERE


FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 1, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
Wyndhan Indianapolis West

Meet Malcolm McDowell, George Romero, John Waters, Roddy Piper, and more!

More information HERE

If you are hosting an event or know of one you want other people to know about, let me know and I’ll pass the information along!

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