31 Days of Halloween: Day 17: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II




Some times I kind of love it when sequels have absolutely nothing to do with the original movie. Movies like C.H.U.D.  II: Chud The Bud, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch and Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 is my favorite faux sequel. I actually saw this years before seeing Prom Night so I do favor Mary Lou a little bit more than the original movie. Sorry Jamie Lee.


Mary Lou Maloney was the typical 1950’s floozy. She flirts with every man that comes along her way, she screws around to get what she wants and she steps all over people for fun. So basically, she’s kind of awesome.

During senior prom, Mary Lou is caught fooling around with a guy who wasn’t her prom date. Feeling jilted her date accidentally sets her on fire and kills her. Her angry spirit lays dormant until its accidentally released in time for prom in the 80’s.


Mary Lou’s whorey spirit possesses a sweet and innocent girl Vicky, who happens to be running for prom queen. Mary Lou uses Vicky to reclaim her glory and bask in being prom queen again without that whole being set on fire business.

Watching Prom Night 2 again after many years, I see now that it is kind of a cheesy movie. At the time of my youth it was a little scary to me especially since Mary Lou was so ruthless and killed people over the littlest thing. Some chick was talking to her man (technically Vicky’s man) so she had her squished in some lockers! That’s not a chick I’d mess with. With the fear of Mary Lou’s powers, I also admired her. I was a Vicky type of girl so to have the ability to be a balls out whore-bitch seems kind of enticing to me. Yeah it didn’t work out for Mary Lou in the end but it seemed like she had a lot of fun in the mean time!

download (3)


Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 may not be the best movie and it certainly does not hold a candle to the original Prom Night film but I did find a role model out of watching the movie so WIN!

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