31 Days of Halloween: Day 16: The Gate

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When I was a kid my parents left my brothers and I alone a lot over the weekends. We played around, watch a lot of horror movies and went through our parents stuff but I’m happy to say we never accidentally opened the gate of hell. I’m sure we came close a few time though but it didn’t happen.


In The Gate two boys accidentally open the gate to hell unleashing scary claymation monsters. With the help of metal band’s record and basically grasping at straws, the two must figure a way to close the gate and save the world.


I watched The Gate a lot as a kid and it scared me. Eye on the hand, scary! Those clay demons, scary! Now as an adult it doesn’t affect me the same way but I still love remembering the chills it gave when I was younger. And ok, I admit, the eye hand thing still really gives me the ebbies.

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