31 Days of Halloween: Day 15: Body Parts



Body Parts was the kind of movie that really freaked me out when I saw it as a kid. The thought of losing a limb is terrifying but then the idea of having a limb that used to be a part of a killer’s body is a tab bit more terrifying.



Bill Chrushank is a criminal psychologist who spends his days hanging out with psycho killers. One day on his way home to his happy family, Bill gets into a car accident that causes him to lose his arm. His good arm!

A savvy doctor lady swoops in to tell Bill that she can give him a slightly used arm that will work just as good as his old one. Bill is down with the idea of the surgery and boom, he gets a new arm. The end!

Ok, it doesn’t end there. Turns out the arm used to belong to a vicious killer. No big deal right? Well… Bill starts having terrible dreams about killing people and he turns into kind of a dick when it comes to dealing with his wife and kids.

Bill learns about the old owner of his arm and finds out that the killer’s other parts have gone to other people who are having the same psychotic episodes.

The movie unfolds to a darker story involving the loose limbs which keep the disturbing and unsettling flow of the movie.



Looking back now I find the movie a little bit cheesy. Not Idle Hands cheesy but “this couldn’t really happen!” cheesy.

Maybe, just maybe someone can get the urge to kill from a transplanted part from a killer but till then, I enjoyed this movie as just another over the top horror flick.



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