31 Days of Halloween : Day 9: Masters of Horror: Incident On and Off Mountain Road


I miss Masters of Horrors. Yeah, some episodes weren’t the best but I appreciated the chance to watch weekly, hour-long horror features made by famous directors.

I remember the first Masters of Horror episode I watched at a horror marathon just weeks before the official MOH premiere.That episode was Don Coscarelli’s Incident on and off Mountain Road. I remember feeling excited about the show so I wanted to go back and watch this again.

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

While driving alone on a secluded mountain road Ellen loses control of her car and collides with an abandoned car on the side of the road. Ellen checks to see if the other driver is OK but instead she encounters a killer.


Ellen’s story shifts from her past, meeting her charming yet intense husband then back to her busting out some hardcore final girl skills. It’s revealed through the flashbacks that Ellen was once a humble gal before she met her husband. Using extreme survival techniques, Ellen’s husband molded her into the killer’s unsuspecting match.

I love that Coscarelli broke free from the shadows of Bubba Ho-Tep and returned with a darker film.

The Masters of Horrors had its hit or miss episodes during the course of its two season run but it’s a show that I will always cherish for putting horror back on tv.

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