31 Days of Halloween: Day 6: American Mary


There are a lot of times when horror movies get massive amounts of hype but when you see them for yourself, you stop trusting people’s opinions.

Last year I heard a lot of people talking about American Mary and how it’s one of the best horror movies of the year. Of course hearing this quickly turned me off since I’ve been fooled before. I missed out on a chance to see this at a convention but when a friend rented it during one of our movies nights, I could not run away from this film any longer.

By the time  the film was over I was mad at myself for waiting so long to see it.


Mary Mason is a struggling med student trying to get by on her low income while studying to become a brilliant surgeon. While looking to make easy money Mary stumbles into the grisly and fascinating world of body modification. Mary uses her med school skills to alter people’s images to crazy extremes.


The reason why American Mary sucked me in instantly was because it was an unique concept that the horror genre has been needing for a while. Though I felt it was unique I still got some essences of Excision from the film which isn’t a bad thing since I have tragic love for that film as well.

It’s refreshing to watch a film with such a strong female character. Mary reaches the drastic spectrum of highs and lows but her character always tried to find a solution to her problems.


Another reason why I blew off American Mary for as long as I could was because Katharine Isabelle is well-known for being a hot actress in the horror industry. A part of me felt like her playing a sexy role was the reason why people talked this film up so much. After seeing her performance in American Mary I think it shows how she’s grown as a solid actress since Ginger Snaps.

I may still be weary the next time I hear about “the best horror movie ever!” but this time I won’t be too quick to write it off thanks to American Mary.

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