31 Days of Halloween: Day 5: Arachnophobia


I have never been the kind of girl who’s been terrified of spiders or other crawling things. Clowns, yes. A pregnancy scare, yes! But spiders and bugs, nope!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Arachnophobia plus it’s been sitting in my Tivo for a while so I thought I would revisit it and see if it would change my feelings about spiders.


Arachnophobia starts off in the setting of South American jungle. While scientist and a photographer look for butterfly specimens they come across a new spider species.  The spider kills the photograph with just one bit then hitches a ride in his coffin to make a new home in the United States. It’s plausible right?


Meanwhile a city family moves to country to start a new, peaceful life. The head of the family just happens to have a deep rooted fear of spiders so it works out that the killer coffin spider makes its way to his new town. The spider shacks up near the family’s home and mates with regular spiders creating a lot of super killer spiders that go around town killing people.


Arachnophobia still has its charm but it confirmed that I did not need to fear spiders, even killer spiders. I noticed a lot more during this recent viewing that Jeff Daniels’ character had A LOT of spiders jump on him towards the end of the movie leading up the stand off. I lost count of how many spiders were all over his back and face. HIS FACE! Even his final battle with the main spider had a lot of moment that made me question, “How did he not get bit yet?!” I know that as the main character and as someone who needed to face his fear of spiders he couldn’t be killed off but still, a lot of spiders had a chance at him and nothing!

I got over it though. All these years later I find that Arachnophobia still holds as a fun and frightening little flick especially effective for people who gets the shivers from spiders.

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