31 Days of Halloween: Day 4: The Prowler

While I was watching the doc Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film I noted a bunch of slasher films that I have never seen before. 

One of the films on that list is The Prowler

As a child of the 80’s my early exposure to horror films came from the 80’s so it annoys me that there are films like this one that have slipped through the cracks of my horror watching eyes.

The Prowler took me back to the days when horror movies didn’t have to be so complicated. You have a masked killer chasing the lead girl for unknown reasons and he kills a bunch of people who are in his way. Simple formula. 

I wanted to be untainted from knowing anything about The Prowler so other than the few clips mixed in with other slasher film in the Going to Pieces doc, I did not look up anything on this film nor did I watch the trailer. 

The Prowler strongly reminded me of My Bloody Valentine. I’m not sure if there’s a story behind the two coming out on the same year and the other similarity but I still enjoyed The Prowler as its own story. 

I can’t say if I think The Prowler is better than My Bloody Valentine but I still appreciated the simplistic nostalgic 80’s horror vibe The Prowler gave me on my first time watching it. 


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