Friday Film Recommendations: July 25th

Happy Friday film loving folks! 

If you’re looking for some movies on Netflix but you don’t want to waste your time scanning lists and genres, don’t worry because I did that for you! 

Sit back, chill out and add some of these suggestions to your queue.

Hatchet 3

Picking up where Hatchet II left off, Marybeth continues her quest to avenge her family’s death at the hands of “Bayou Butcher” Victor Crowley.

I love the whole Hatchet series not only because it’s a fun slasher but the gore factor is overwhelmingly fantastic! 

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Urban Legends  

This tv series features tales of well-known urban legends while keeping you guessing which one is true and which is made up. 

This show is a great learning experience about off-the-wall urban legends plus a lot of the reenactments are lolz. 

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I don’t know about you guys but I am balls deep excited about Sharknado 2 coming out next week!

If you haven’t seen the first one or you just want to watch it again before the sequel, here is your chance! 

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Evil-intentioned extraterrestrials capable of replicating humans and assuming their identities invade the sleepy California hamlet of Santa Mira.

I love all versions of the Invasion films but nothing can really beat the original. 

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Alone With Her

A coffee shop waitress has a secret admirer who’s been filming her with surveillance equipment, first from afar and then at much closer range.

As someone who lives alone, this movie completely freaked me out. It’s an unsettling feeling to think that a random creeper can stalk you and find ways to enter your life. Ladies, watching this may give you a full body cringe and you may re-think Naked Tuesdays in your apartment. I did. 

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Happy watching folks! 


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